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Makeup For Green Eyes With Pretty Awesome Eyeshadow Looks

The best eyeshadow makeup for green eyes basically applies on how to make them brighter and stand out. It needs to be selected by the color tones that typically compliment your natural green eyes.

Let’s get started with one of the hottest New York based makeup artists Katie Jane Hughes. She is definitely a class act to follow on Instagram with awesome tips which involves everyday makeup for green eyes.


For your green eyes to look great, red eyeshadow shades are the obvious choice, especially if you are going to some social gathering or party.

For a lighter makeup style, Rose gold shade is pretty much in trend now but we are leaning more to blending Copper and Rose gold for that stunning look.


If you are going out for lunch invites with your friends, colleagues or family, gold eyeshadow will not only make your eyes glow but also bring fun into your day (and office too).

For daytime outings, you can lean towards brown eyeshadow shades to compliment your makeup for green eyes. The silver and brown are the shades that look amazing if you apply them to work or school.

They give a perfectly natural look and at the same time enhance your green eyes. Along with this, if you want to enhance your green eye color even more, try to use mascara and black eyeliner with it. These are fantastic ideas on makeup for green eyes.

Purple, Pink and Red eyeshadow
Above are the range of eyeshadow shades that look wonderful on green eyes. Even people who have bluish green eyes can wear these eyeshadow looks too.

No matter what season and occasion, you can stick to these shades and not look dull. These colors can even be applied to eyelids, and do wonders to your eye makeup as well.

Light purple eyeshadow shade is probably one of the best eye makeup colors like Lily Collins’ looks at the Met Gala.

For a worthy Instagram post below, she enhanced her purple eyeshadow looks with a clear lip gloss that pretty much make a statement with any eye color.

How to make green eyes pop with this amazing color? Well, Instagram makeup Influencer Kathleen have all the answers on makeup for green eyes.

It all depends on the color tone of your eyes that helps you decide the shades of these eyeshadows style.

If the tone of your green eyes are darker, then you should choose lighter shades, while if the eye color tone is lighter, darker shadow colors would be best for your eye makeup looks.

These are all the shades of eyeshadows looks for green eyes that really looks cool. If you do not like a color from this selection, you can use Reddish brown. These are two awesome shades that blend well together as well.

For more in-depth makeup for green eyes to stand out, we have more resources for you readers here.

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Smokey eyes look amazing for women with green eyes. If done in the right way, they are capable to even enhance small eyes.

Now, if you are keen on smokey eye look, then I believe this is the best evening makeup for green eyes on special occasions such as Proms, dinner dates and homecoming.

Eyeliner for green eyes
If you combine this with a dark black color eyeliner and good quality mascara, it adds to your makeup look even more.

Rather than using pure black shadow color, just go for the grey shade, especially if you have green eyes.

You can look no further than Amazon for the latest and coolest eyeliner products compare to online store such as Lazada and so on.

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Black looks a bit extravagant for green eyes, so avoid it. You can use it just for your eyeliner instead. You can either apply it plain or make winged eyes.

Moreover, try not to use charcoal shade with silver especially on your makeup for green eyes. It looks very awkward and overshadows your eye color rather than enhancing it.

So, these are the main options that we’ve found to be the best for green eye make up. Start experimenting your individual makeup looks and find new ways to express yourself with mixing eyeshadow colors.

Try adding a personal touch for a one-of-a-kind eyeshadow combination…and hopefully your most ideal makeup for green eyes will be the envy with everyone.

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