Easy To Follow Makeup Colors For Hazel Eyes

If you are wondering what makeup for hazel eyes color palette looks best then you’ll probably get overwhelmed by which eyeshadow combination you should apply in order to make your hazel eyes sparkle.

The best eyeshadow for hazel eyes have to be versatile, not only in terms of colors and shades but also in how it is applied.

Hazel colored eyes do have brown color all around the pupil and encircled by green, making them look incredibly gorgeous.

A unique combination of brown, bronze, amber or grey hue that changes from light to dark when mixed with green, blue, or darkish grey then, you are totally a hazel eye woman.

makeup for hazel eyes
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hazel eyes makeup tipS

The eyeshadow looks for hazel eyes can really tell a lot and the rest of make up essentials you use can tell an entire story.

It may sound difficult to pull off multiple eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes but the truth is just the opposite.

If you have the basic knowledge about eye makeup, you can follow the tips below to create awesome smokey eye for hazel eyes.

The first thing you should consider while choosing smokey eye for your hazel eyes is your complexion.

Whilst all hazel eye color palette look equally great on fair skin, it’s darker shades that are ideal for medium brown and dark skin

  • Sweep a matte white shadow across the lid and upwards to the brow bone
  • Use a charcoal gray shadow on lid and lower lashline to complete the look
  • Blend a matte or shimmery black shadow on the eyelids in the shape of a wing
  • Use mustard yellow and light orange colors to create depth.
  • Add a layer of glittering cobalt blue on top of the yellow and blue shades as well as under the lower eyelids
  • Apply a thin line of black liquid liner and 2-3 coats of black mascara

Remember to use a gel-based primer to keep the mixed eyeshadow shades from running and melting in hot weather.

make hazel eyes pop

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One of the best things about makeup for hazel eyes is that any shade will suit your peepers. Most eyeshadow palette for hazel eyes such as purples and coppers will enhance the green in your eyes.

Whether you want to go all bold or keep it neutral with a mix of hazel eye color palette, matching coral lipstick will make the greens pop.

Lets also look at oceanic colors and the beauty they bring out. If your eyes are light haze, then the colors of the sea can make them sparkle.

Do use shades of turquoise, azure, cobalt and aquamarine eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes as they will create amazing looks.

make hazel eyes look green

According to makeup guru Charlotte Tilbury dark neutral shades such as browns and bronzes bring together excellent eyeshadow for hazel green eyes.

This is because neutral colors can often be used to brighten up the pigment inside your eye ball.

Bring out the gorgeous green and brown tones in your hazel eyes and hypnotize the world with your eye colour sparkle! – Team Tilbury

For bolder looks, the best eyeshadow for hazel green eyes are a mix of lavender and orange, totally outstanding for darker eyeball to make them pop.

purple eyeshadow for hazel eyes

purple eyeshadow hazel eyes
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The best color palette are normally darker tones such as red and bolder shades of orange. Purple eyeshadow for hazel eyes is also often used to enhance the makeup looks.

Just sweep the purple shades on the corners of your eyelids to make your pop. If you pair up the purple shade with navy or bold the effect can be even more stunning .

It is important to know what eyeshadow looks for hazel eyes is worn where and when. Sometimes, they are worn in more formal places to add formality and elegance.

For instance, usually darker shades are worn at events like a wedding or a dinner party. They are also worn in celebratory situation as well.

As they comprehend together, the shimmering looks is also a feature of these festive celebrations. Whereas, lighter shades and natural tones are normally worn at daytime events.

best eyeliner color for hazel eyes

“Many people don’t realize how an eyeliner can create such a wide range of looks and shapes,” – Makeup artist, Maria Gianno

Normally, for dark hazel eyes, any eyeliner color will look good. Women usually prefer wearing black eyeliner for hazel eyes.

This is because black liner goes with any eye shade. Most importantly, it enhances the color of your pupils.

Other than black eyeliner, usually a darker shade of green or blue and even purple looks good with hazel eyes.

It is not always a need to wear false eyelashes. If you have long eye lashes then wearing extensions just looks pretense.

With hazel eye makeup, it is advisable to go with the natural flow. Sometimes, the natural look is all you need. It enhances the beauty that already existed.

You can use any lip color. If you decide to be bold with your lipstick, for instance, you decide to wear a dark red shade, make sure you have lighter eye makeup.

Gorgeous eye makeup helps boost confidence. Makeup for women with hazel eyes can be done in a variety of ways to help them stand out.


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