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eye makeup ideas

These eye makeup ideas that we explore are focus on 3 different eye shape. These kind of eye shapes are extremely feminine, and can pull off almost any eye makeup styles.

Applying the perfect eye makeup can be quite distinctive, but the right eye makeup tips can help you achieve a flawless look for anytime of the day.

With the right sort of eyeshadow looks, you can make your eyes pop and look just stunning just like the pros and celebrities.

“There’s tricks to apply products to eight different eye shapes”

Celeb makeup artist Alphie Sadsad

Almond Eyes Makeup

almond eyes makeup

Source: Pinterest

“I like to use eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines and pull the liner outward to cheat a more almond eye shape. I also love using a shadow on top to smoke this liner out.”

Celeb makeup artist Tobi Henney

Creating a stunning almond eye makeup can be extremely easy, just with a little practice and patience. For this eye shape, a feline flick with the liner mainly on the outer edge of the eye works best.

The cat eye or wing look absolutely amazing on this eye shape, so take advantage of your natural eyes and create the most dramatic wings that you can think of.

The main thing is to start off small. Create a thin line to outline the top lid of your eye, then begin to thicken it only from the middle of your eye to the outer corners.

You can add a splash of color by putting on a colorful liner on your bottom lid; however, remember to go completely nude with the rest of your new almond eye makeup looks to compliment this.

One of the best brand probably with all the hype is NYX Pro Eye Makeup products which are only available in certain countries. Heard you can’t get them off the shelves in the UK.

Summer can get extremely hot and sweaty, so staying away from creamy eye shadows is a good option.

Opt for a matte look achieved with powder based eye shadow palettes, or top off the creamy eye shadow with a powder to seal it in.

Shade a darker shadow into the crease to create a stunning look and drag and pull your eye shape upward, followed by outward to establish a more striking appearance.

Bright, colorful lids are cool eye makeup ideas for almond eyes on sizzling hot summer time. You can even opt for a metallic look by deciding on an eyeshadow with metallic sheen.

This type of makeup looks is best complimented with a slight tan, nude lips, and of course; don’t forget to pack on lots of sunscreen and a nice bronzer on your cheeks for that added sheen.

You may also need to experiment with several makeup products to find one which doesn’t cause tearing or itching around your eyes.

There is no one universal brand which works for almond eyes makeup, so try them out before choosing what works best for you.

Round Eyes Makeup

rounded eyes makeup

Image: Getty
The main thing you want to remember with round eyes makeup is to try and elongate them. Round eyes can look quite cute and innocent, which is seductive for some.

But if you’re looking for the more ‘sultry look’, you’ll definitely want to add a little more depth and personality to your eye makeup ideas.

Add a wing at the end, and elongate it, giving the illusion of your eyes appearing ‘longer’ than rounder.

Smoky eyes can be an awesome look for round, puppy dog eyes as it makes you look more alluring and less of a adolescent. You can create the smoky eye look with shadow colors as well.

Try on a light shadow on the inner corner of your eyes and a darker transition color on the outer corners. This should give your round eyes some depth.

Deep Set Eyes Makeup

deep set eyes makeup

Image: Getty

When your brow bone is quite prominent and your eyes are set back deep into your skull, you are said to have deep set eyes.

The main focus for deep set eyes makeup is to make them stand out and look bigger, thus giving you bigger, brighter, more beautiful eye makeup looks especially for night outings.

It’s best to leave out lining the bottom lid for deep set eyes as it can make your eyes look even smaller. Apply a bright highlighter to the inner corner of both eyes, giving it that ‘eye-popping look’.

You can also go for nude or white liner to line your bottom lid to give an illusion of ‘awake’ eyes. Tight-line your upper lid, and add lots of mascara.

Get yourself a long lasting liquid liner so you don’t have to visit the washroom mirror every now and then.

The coolest eye makeup ideas are to use bright palettes for deep set eyes. It’s important to diffuse the shadow caused by your brow bone.

You can also add some shimmer on the middle part of your eye lids, giving it an illusion of appearing brighter and bigger.

You can also create a false crease by playing with dark and light shadows to make your eyes appear larger.

Compliment your eye makeup ideas for deep set eyes with bold, bright lips and a subtle blush on your cheeks.

Here’s a Do’s and Don’ts resource for deep set eyes makeup:

Do’s & Don’ts for deep set eyes

Eye Makeup Tips

eye makeup ideas

Source: Pinterest

Learn to play with the highlighter as well. Highlighting is not just for your cheeks, it can be a great way to emphasis certain parts of your eyes.

Match your eye makeup ideas with bold, bright lipstick and a lovely winged liner. Emphasize more on the inner corners of your eyes and add darker shades on the outer corners.

When opting for a blush, go for a creamy blush instead of powder. Add a layer of powdered blush on top of the creamy application to set it in place.

Powder blush can become cakey after a while in the hot weather season. Add lots of bronzer for a glow. For extra protection, do not skip the sunscreen.

Opt for gel based sunscreen rather than creamy ones. Waterproof kit is the key feature for awesome eye makeup on hot days, so invest in a few high quality products to help you create an incredible appearance.

Here’s a resource:

5 Everyday Eyeshadow Ideas To Try For Almond Eyes

The above techniques pretty much sums up which eye makeup tips are best for your eye shape and hopefully you will decide to continue reading more posts on eye makeup here.

Perhaps, you would also like to share or might have a question on something you spotted while reading anything related to the latest eye makeup ideas from our high value resources.

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