The Best Matte Eyeshadow Palette That’s Worth Your Money

So if you want to try a new matte eyeshadow for your next video chat, or just want to find new ways to apply makeup looks that are striking, you have landed on the right post.

If you want to do a colorful eyeshadow look, they need to have the pigmentation, they have the color selection, they have the vibrancy and the depth to show up on your skin tone.

“As everyone is wearing face masks right now, makeup should be all about making your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more mesmerizing, as well as wearing shades that make you feel your most beautiful”

Celebrity makeup artist – Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury

matte eyeshadow looks

Matte eyeshadow like L.A. 5 Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette in Black Lace and Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Eyeshadow Palette can easily be mixed and matched with your daily makeup routine.

But sometimes, what we pretty much need is a nice matte eyeshadow to match our favorite matte lipstick. Matte eyeshadow however, has now spread well beyond the average nude shade.

So yeah, palettes like the browns and the neutrals with a pop of purple, green and blue, but it was mostly kind of wearable, neutral colors that you should try.

They’re not like pastel or neon. They’re, really nice, vibrant shades. That will show up on your skin tone and it would look beautiful on lighter color skin as well.

You can have a blue shimmer, so it’s really easy to create monochrome. Colorful looks if you’re not into like rainbows. It is a very beginner friendly, colorful palette.

They have a nice gradient of colors. Honestly, this palette is amazing quality, I mean the mattes are so pigmented and they blend together like a dream, the shades just go so beautifully together as well.

Bold And Neutral Palette

mattes eyeshadow palettes

I also like The Masquerade Mini eyeshadow palette at Amazon, this is the one I gravitate towards every time I go for a GB as palette. It’s inspired by African traditional festivals and it’s kind of like bold neutral.

The bold colors reflect costumes used in traditional festivals in Africa. The nude and brown represent the soil and landscapes of Africa.

A beautiful mix of tones that are warm and cool. The perfect balance between bold and neutral.

The quality is stunning and they definitely have the pigment, they just take a little bit of work to blend out.

The quality is amazing, the shade selection gorgeous. If you like those kind of cocky greens, neon greens, purple pinky tones oranges, I mean so many gorgeous shades in the palette bundle.

I love the quality of this palette and I absolutely love the shade selection as well, so yeah, that is another one that I like.

Matte And Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

best matte eyeshadow palette

Guide of Shades


  • Matte Eyeshadows in High Standards, Single, Call Me, Prospect, Slide Into, Ring Ring, Pick Up Line, Swipe Right, Date Night, Thunder Storm, Ravish and Espionage.
  • Metallic Shimmers in Double Tap, RSVP, Lingerie, Trance, Candle Lit and Risque.


  • Matte Eyeshadows in Girl Boss, Statuesque, Etiquette, Deep Thoughts, Top Secret, Brave, Knock Out, Vibes, Divine, Perfect 10, Sharp, Queen and Radiate.
    Duochrome Shimmers in Debut, Absolute, Ladylike, Dreamy and In The Know.


  • Bold Mattes in Free Love, Energy, Sunflowers, Radical, Daydreamer and Gypsy.
  • Metallic and Duochrome Shadows in Psyche, Spirit, Sky High, Off Beat, Soul Strut, Acid Trip, Swinging, Jelly Brain, Foxy Mama, Free Bird, Lightweight and Open Mind.

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