How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger For Less

Eyeshadow plays an important role on how to make your eyes look bigger and charming. It is even truer for eyebrows to make you look like you have bigger eyes.

Given how common face masks are right now, makeup should focus on making your eyes appear larger, brighter and pretty much more captivating.

No matter how tedious you try to make your eyes look bigger, a pair of bushy unruly bows can break your hard work quickly. 

So, ensure that you have the basic essentials to keep those arches defined, natural-looking and eyes lifted.

Bigger Eyes...How To Get Them

I’d love to have those perfectly wide-open, glistening bigger eyes. One thing is certain: people with bigger eyes are always thought to appear younger.

Here’s a few makeup tricks on how to make your eyes looks bigger and brighter!

  • Select an angle brush for precise shaping and taming to enhance your brows
  • A brow palette containing few of your favorite color shades for highlighting and filling sparse brows
  • Tint brows, let dry and peel it off. Leave it overnight (sleep) provide great results. Save prep time in the morning
  • An eyebrow stylus pencil for precise lines that comes with a brow mascara

Use a white eyeliner

Besides applying white eyeliner on both upper and lower waterlines, you might also want to know (trick) that most of top makeup artists uses a touch of white eyeliner on the inner corners of both eyes. This trick widens and creates an awesome pop with each blink.

White eyeliner not only make eyes look bigger but looks fresh as well. Using eyelash-curler also helps open your eyes bigger and brighter.

Lastly, lighter colors on lids and near lash line also helps makes your eyes look fabulous.

Opt for shimmer and glitter

Shimmer eyeshadow can take your makeup to a all fresh level. A pretty touch of glitter and shimmer to the upper eyelids and below brow bones can make your eyes stand out in a charming way.

You can also make use of it along your lower lash lines for a remarkable night party look. Perhaps, you can also opt for a hot cat eye look as well.

To freshen up bigger eyes is to go along with the trend of adding sparkle to your makeup.

You might also want to create your own beauty style and make a statement with a splash-dash of shimmer by bringing out the shine on eyelashes and glitter around your eyes.

How do you make your eyes bigger naturally

Blending is very important on how to make your eyes look bigger. You need to blend the eye shadows in order to make it truly stand out.

The basic technique is to begin slowly with just a little amount and steadily increase. To make eyes look bigger in size add and blend mascara as well.

  • Outer Lid: Our favorite practice to really make eyes pop out for any eye shape is to apply lighter color on the lid. And darker eye shadow shades on the outer edge to opens up the eyes.
  • In Crease: The best procedure to make eyes bigger naturally is to apply darker eye shadow or medium color tone in the crease. This will definite enhance your eyes to look bigger and incredibly well contoured.
  • Add Mascara: Mascara for natural look  for more bolder look! Depends on your eye makeup and your eyelash density. blend the color into the crease with a soft blending brush.

Makeup For Small Eyes

bigger eyes

The best makeup tip for small eyes is to apply natural concealer. It pretty much doesn’t bother your eyes in the least. You can purchase KISSIO water-resistant pencil from Amazon and apply it only on your lower lid on the nose side. 

Apply a matte white eyeshadow to your lid and then use any light shades you want. I personally think that Matt is better because it doesn’t reflect the light when creating bigger eyes shape. 

A totally cool affordable brand of makeup we love and would recommend is NYX Professional Makeup Collection.

Focusing above the crease, use a neutral matte eyeshadow. Blend well from the bottom up. Apply neutral eyeshadow to your lower lid in a color that matches your natural shadow.

Apply a dark brown or grey color to the lash line with a wet, thin brush. To achieve a natural makeup look for small eye (normal distance), get really close to the lashes.

Any volumizing mascara should work. Apply just to the tips of your lashes and not the roots approximately about 1 – 2 mm away from your eye lid.

Lastly, create the final lash. Find the last lash, imitate it, and drag it a little longer in the same direction.

Try to experiment with shades of shadow and liner or get more tips on eye makeup styles. That said, flatter your eyes with some amazing color combos that will definitely make your eyes look bigger and vibrant.

If you need recommendations on makeup essentials and eyeshadow palette on how to make you eyes look bigger, message us on our socials and we will get back to you pronto.

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