7 Best Eyeliner Tips That Works Great For Women Over 50

Who says experimentation with the best eyeliner for over 50 are just for celebrities? I have closely followed one of my favorite stars in their 50’s with hooded eyes, who are still perpetually pulling off smokey eye look with the same grace as she did in her modelling days.

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Best Eyeliner Tips for over 50

I took valuable inputs from a makeup artist friend of mine and learned what are the best eyeliner that’s not working for women over 50. I have compiled all the information on ‘how not to ruin your eye makeup for matured eyes in the list below.

  1. Never wear eyeliner directly over your eyes. Apply a primer that will fill the gaps between wrinkles, providing you a smooth base for seamless application.
  2. If the upper skin of your eyes has gone too loose, sketch a line while tilting your chin up and looking down at your nose at the same time. It creates a unique angle, and makes the eye skin as flat as possible.

  3. If you’re using a colorful eyeliner pencil, drag your head slightly back and look down at your nose simultaneously. This will flatten all cracks and you’ll be able to trace a smooth line directly over your lids.

  4. Stick to a golden rule; apply the liner on upper lids, and spare the lower lids. This keeps the look as natural and clean as possible for mature skin.

  5. What might come in handy at your age while applying eyeliner are fake eyelashes. Longer lashes tend to give a cleaner look and add depth. Try using one to see any appalling results.

  6. Learn your color combination once you have wrinkles. You need to pick colors according to your complexion. Keep things darker by 3 shades if you have dark tone, and slightly 1 shade darker if you’re fair.

  7. You can also use gel eyeliners to avoid the possibility of strains scrambling at all the wrong places, melting within the cracks around your eyes.

eyeliner for over 50

Claudia Schiffer debuted an eyewear line with Rodenstock, a German company. In 2017 she launched her personal makeup collection including eyeshadow, nail polish, lipstick, blush, and more.

What’s nicer than a glamorous jade green that pops against dark colored eyes. The eyeliner styles of stunning greens is to give the smoky-eye look which is one of the most trendy eye makeup trends for artists and celebrities.

You must also know that magic of pulling off all kinds of looks wavers around winged eyeliner as well. Winged eyeliner, or what’s more popularly named cat eyeliner, is a very mystic and hot look that is surprisingly very easy to create.

You just have to apply a very thin layer of liner, stacked just where the skin ends and meets with the lashes. Once the line gets dry, follow the same pattern and keep broadening it upwards, stretching it beyond the outer corner.

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How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner For Mature Eyes

Eyeliner comes in three forms: liquid, cream, and gel. Liquid eyeliner is the most common type and is the easiest to apply. It is also the easiest to blend with brushes or a sponge, and they are all safe to use.

Cream eyeliner is less toxic and can be applied wet or dry. It has a powdery appearance, and it can be applied with the least amount of effort. Some sellers at Amazon have blend the layers of color as cheap as $5.00. Gel eyeliner is a little more difficult to blend, but it is easier to apply and control.

Prepare the eyeliner before application. Makeup artists recommend that you sharpen any eyeliner that is blunt since it will ruin the appearance of the the lines. A sharp pencil works best, and a blunt pencil can make blending too difficult. If you use a pencil, carefully sharpen it before you apply it.

Carefully pick your eyeliner colors. If you are going for dark, select dark colors to match your eyeshadow. If you want bright liner color like pink, you can get a set at Amazon for less than $7.00. Apply the eyeliner from the inner part of your eye to the outer part.

Start by drawing the line parallel to the lash line. Then pull the line downward until it touches the bottom of your lids. If you want a more dramatic look, thicker lines can be drawn on the lower lines. It should evenly blend with the eyeshadow and be less drastic than the lower line. Curl lashes are a fun way to enhance eyes. Start with the application with your favorite mascara.

Then create a curl on the lashes with an eyelash curler. Hold the curler for about twenty seconds before you apply one coat of mascara, brushing it through the curls. Wait a few seconds before you apply the second coat of mascara, pulling it through the curls as well.

As with anything else, practice makes perfect. You can also apply mascara as a ritual before going to bed. Eyeliner pencils are readily available and inexpensive. Finding the right pencil is important; harder pencils will draw lighter eyelashes, softer ones will create a heavier effect.

If you’ve ever held a pencil before, you’ll recognize the quills or felt tip like the felt tip of a pencil. Most of them feel alike. Lightly dip the pencil tip into the container, then press it to your lash line. If it’s too dry, wipe it with a paper towel. Tap the excess off. Then swipe the line across your eyelid, starting at the inner corner and working outward. It works best with the natural shape of your eye.

Eyelash curlers are useful for lengthening and smoothing out the eyelashes. Hold the curler from the base of your lashes and squeeze once or twice. If you have less lashes, you may want to just press the curler on the eyelashes for a longer time, instead of releasing the lashes too quickly.

Don’t do it too tight, or you’ll pull on your lashes and cause them to fall out. And unless you plan on using mascara, avoid pulling on your eyelashes while you curl them. Curl your lashes before you go to bed, so they have time to dry.

Or you can let them dry naturally, as long as you apply a gel after curl them. It’s easy to do this, ensure your eyelash curler is always clean. Curl your eyelashes take a little bit of time and effort to master.

What Eyeliner Looks Should An Older Woman Wear

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As you may have noticed, the space between your upper lid and eyebrows must have narrowed now that you have those graceful wrinkles. But it’s still possible to create a dramatic smoky look and look fabulous when you are over 50.

After you outline your peepers with eyeliner, use a pale color glittering eyeshadow, perhaps a shade of brown, all over the liner till the brows. It will create a striking contrast that’ll add more depth.

And yes, you can still get carried away in colors. Try all new shades of waterproof eyeliners. They will actually add more depth to your makeup without looking too much overdone.

The best will be applying a liner that’ll strike a contrast with your eye color. Darker shades liner for beautiful dark brown and black eyes, and colorful eyeliners for green and blue eyes.

You must also understand that eyes are of different types- hooded eyes, down-turned eyes, monolid eyes, small eyes, round eyes and almond eyes. And more than anyone else, it’s important that you realize what your eye type is, and learn how to perfectly apply the liner according to your eye type.

As a mature woman with hooded eyes, you need to hide crack wrinkles while keeping in mind that you don’t end up narrowing the space between the upper lids and brows.

These are all the eyeliner and eyeshadow tips that I realized work pretty well for matured women. Keep in mind not to go overboard with your eyeliner styling and makeup routine or you might look like a Panda with thick black bands on your eyes.

Lastly, do not use excessive makeup with bronzer and blush as you want to look elegant and not pretty much unsightly. Do share with your friends on this post, feel free to let me know your inputs on something you have read or would like to know.

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