Best Tips & Tricks For Makeup For Hooded Eyes Over 50

A flawless makeup for hooded eyes when you are over 50 can do wonders for older women who are trying to keep their age a number all to themselves.

There are many tips, tricks and techniques that can influence you on the most appropriate hooded eye makeup looks.

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Although there are many makeup tricks that will help you conceal the years on your face, keep in mind that you won’t look thirty years younger but you’ll be able to hide the signs of aging.

8 Best Makeup For Hooded Eyes Over 50 Tips

  1. Apply eye makeup with open eyes as it’s easier to find your crease.
  2.  Prime like a pro: Makeup primer can keep your makeup from smudging. Make a perfect canvas for foundation, colored moisturizer and concealer to sit on.
  3.  Matte eyeshadow is the best: Matte is undoubtedly the best for hooded eyes. You can use matte eyeshadow shades on your upper lid.
  4. Use shimmery eyeshadow: With eyeliner and mascara, you can make your eyes appear more open and defined.
  5.  Use a highlighter: It is very beneficial to use a highlighter. It helps your eyes to glow and looks fabulous.
  6.  Use waterproof makeup: Eye makeup on hooded eyes tends to smudge particularly when it comes to eyeliner and mascara. Opt for smudge-free good quality product to make it stay.
  7.  Eyeliner: Tightline your upper waterline to make eyes look wider and fuller.
  8.  False eyelash: Use falsies eyelashes to make your hooded eyes looks bigger.

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Applying Makeup For Droopy Eyes And Eyelids

It is really important to know some key makeup tips for woman over 50 with droopy eyes which help in the way you apply eyeliner and eyeshadow when you have hooded eyes as well.

Shimmer shades don’t go with droopy eyes because it simply do not match. Better to avoid them. Matte shades are best for hooded eyes.

These are amazing shades because the fact that matte eyeshadow looks changed the outcome on your facial appearance.

Eyeshadow is an important part of makeup for women over 50 with heavy lidded eyes but only when you know its proper usage. With droopy eyes, you need to apply it a bit higher than you normally do.

Often, when applying eyeshadow, we sometimes make the mistake of closing our eyes. It is recommended that your eyes should be open when applying. 

eye makeup for hooded eyes over 50

Apply eyeliner in a wing shape is not the way to go but rather apply to your lash line because I personally believe that with hooded eyes, wing eyeliner don’t have the best impact and can give a weird look.

If your eyes are downturned then the winged liner will not suit you as well. So avoid it!

Thick lower lid lining makeup for hooded eyes over 50 is not for all woman. When it comes to droopy eyes, thick liner can make your eyes look even smaller.

When your eyelid is droopy then you do not need to apply thick eyeliner as it will look like you have covered your eyelid in black eyeshadow.  You can tightline your upper eye lash line in order to darken the eyes. 

Have you heard about cut crease eye makeup technique? If you have hooded eyes then you must learn and practices this style.

This eye makeup idea outline the crease by defining it with a diverse shades of cool eyeshadow tones.

You need to find that perfect makeup for hooded eyes over 50 and play with different eyeshadow shades for that ideal look.

Using waterproof mascara and liquid liner is a good way to avoid smudging.

Why Is Hydrating Important for Over 50

makeup for hooded eyes over 50

Hydrating and moisturizing for older woman with hooded eyes is important considering their skin may not be as firm as it once was.

Dry caked on makeup does not look good on anyone no matter how old they are.

Starting with an anti-aging cream is a great way to rehydrate your face while making your makeup look more natural.

An anti-aging cream is a sure fire quick way to make your skin look younger. Once you have used the anti-aging cream, it is best to use a tinted toner to make sure that your skin tone is as even as possible.

You may want to mix and match or experiment with different kinds of tinted toner until you find the one that best suits your needs.

How Do You Apply Foundation Over 50

Using a tinted toner and anti-aging cream before applying foundation will help ensure that your foundation does not fall into the wrinkles of your skin as well.

All this does is make you look older than you look and no one totally wants that. This tip is important to remember when applying foundation around the eyes.

Dew Based Foundation For Hiding Crow’s Feet

You should opt for a foundation that is high in Vitamin E and is water-based. A light dew based foundation ensure that you hide the lines around your eyes with ease.

There are many brands that cater to providing the ideal makeup for woman over 50 with hooded eyes.

Find which one is right for you and your budget by practicing smart shopping.

Hiding Dark Spots Under The Eyes

For those who are looking to hide dark spots under the eyes should consider investing in a water-based concealer which has the ability to hide all the signs of aging while making your skin look more vibrant than ever before.

Red or splotchy areas can be extra hard to cover. Opt for a waterproof concealer that hydrates your skin to make your face look even younger.

Eye makeup is certainly a form of art and hooded eyes need some distinctive makeup tricks to make a statement.

Indeed, there are abundance of techniques about makeup over 50 hooded eyes that can help you look incredible.

To sum it up, I must say that hooded eyes for woman over 50 are not the thing to be worried about.

Discovering the appropriate makeup tips and practice, you can surely give a beautiful look to your hooded eyes.