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How To Do A Smoky Eye For Different Eye Shapes [2019]

You can’t go wrong with matte smoky eye makeup appeal because it’s so versatile and are suitable for any eye shape. It can be dramatic but how to make it look awesome!

The good thing is that it’s OK if you can’t ace your brush skills, or don’t have a steady hand on drawing liner. First of all, check out below illustration on which one fit best for your eye shape.

Life would be simpler if there were easy tips and hints that someone without makeup training can accomplish at home. Well, here is a bit of good news as celebs are the best people to check out the latest trend on eye makeup.

But, before you get excited, here’s what you need to do before you get started on your journey to beautiful smokey eye makeup.

  • Prep your lid area. Applying a primer designed for the eyelid is a best way to make your eye makeup last longer and look beautiful all day long. Use primer all over lid area and let dry.
  • Line your eyes with eyeliner. Any shade will do. If you want an especially dark and dramatic look, use a black eyeliner. Or change it and use a jewel toned liner such as green or purple.
  • Apply eyeliner to the lash line bottom and smudge using your finger or a sponge.
  • Use a light shimmery eyeshadow and sweep it over your full lid.
  • Using a darker color and an eyeshadow brush, start at the outer side of the eye and blend inwards. Apply the lashes and smudge upwards. The key here is to blend your shades combination.


Here’s a trick from a certified makeup artist. If you feel that your eyes appear to be smaller or recessed; Try dabbing a touch of champagne-toned shimmer just above your iris. This will bring out a sparkling impression whenever you blink your eyes.

Smoky Eye Tip

Now let’s dig deeper into how to do a matte with shimmering shades eye makeup style that will enhance most type of eye shapes. By all means, you can always layer them and don’t worry about the muddy effect.

  • Brightens and open up eyes by using a lighter shade on the lid. Create definition with a deeper tone in the crease. Use a shade that match your skin natural color on the brow bone.
  • To create sexy eyes using shimmery shades, you should mix the matte shades to overcome the reflective appearance. This technique will give you a halo or “spotlight eye” with depth and a define look.
  • With a brush, apply a light layer of shimmery shade to eye lids. For definition, add darker matte tone to the crease and soft luminous color shade to the brow bone. This combination of shimmery application will make your eyes stand out.

To be a little bit more creative, add a few drops of gel for that super cool look.


Orange eye shadow could be so flattering. Mix it together with any of those bronzy metallic to create smokey eyes you can wear, well, anywhere!

Most basic smoky eye shadow palette can be found in beauty supply stores, department stores and discount stores. It can also be bought online at one of the various beauty makeup sites at below $20. Price generally depends on the name brand that is linked to it.

Most of the time these make up kit comes in twin packs that have a few different shade options and mixtures. There are also a short blip of instructions on the back of the packaging. Smoky eyes makeup is remarkable suitable for all sorts of occasions.

With so many options, it’s hard to choose which eye shadow palette favors your lifestyle. So, we trust you like this best selling pigmented eyeshadow pallette from Amazon – high-pigmented-eyeshadow-palette-matte. It’s very versatile and can be toned down or amped up. Perfect to create gorgeous smoky eye that stands out.


Every woman has that one makeup item that she never forgets to leave the house without. For most women, it is eyeliner. Eyeliner is a great way to enhance your smokey eye look and make them more dramatic.

Black seems to be the color of preference, but brown is sometimes used for a subtle enhancing of the eyes. Many women find it difficult to apply.

Although it does take practice, sometimes it is the type of eyeliner you are using that is getting in the way.

Smudged Proof Liner

Women who have trouble with an eye pencil may prefer liquid instead. Liquid eyeliner comes in a small bottle and is known to leave a silky and sophisticated finish.

Although liquid liner glides on easily, some women find it messy, especially if you accidentally put it in the wrong spot.

Gel Liner

Gel eyeliner offers a combination of eye pencil with the silky finish of liquid eyeliner. Gel liner is applied with a makeup brush, and some women prefer this method because you can pat and slide the liner on.

It is not too rough like the eye pencil and not as runny as liquid liner. Gel liner is also versatile since makeup brushes of different sizes can be used to achieve different results.

Well, that’s the best trend on how to do a smokey eye for 2019 which will take you effortlessly from parties to music festival all year round.

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