3 Startling Eyeshadow Looks You Need To Try Right Now

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Red Eyshadow Looks

Red eyeshadow looks is the new cool and super-feminine. And is one the most common color tone that many girls like to have on their prom parties and other social gatherings.

Red glitter smokey eye is very bold and attractive only and if only it is done in the right way. In case you mess it up, your appearance will be a disaster no matter how good your dress, shoes, and hairstyle are!

In the recent trends, the use of red eyeshadow is with darker blue and brown eyeshadow. The combination make your eyes look bigger than their original size and more prominent than before.

Red eye makeup can be really cool. However, do not go overboard with the color, but instead make an effort to complement its beauty.

Mineral eyeshadows allows for awesome application and for colors that will never fade. Check out more eyeshadow resources at the links below.


Pink makeup looks are not just for millennial or little girls. There are different positive sides of pink such as hot, light, soft as well as matte and they are for everybody.

Romantic and feminine, pink eyeshadow looks oozes a glowing vibe. And you can opt for all the pastel power to suit your taste.

The use of pink eyeshadow palette is not a new trend in the makeup industry. This shadow has always been there in the market, but the way it is now used by makeup artists and generally for day and night time is something very different from the past.

In the past, pink eyeshadow was not considered as a decent color to be used and also very few new combinations have been created with this color tone.

With the passage of time, as makeup artists started experimenting with this hue, especially by combining it with other colors, it’s popularity and creativity have increased.

Several color shades can be mixed with popular pink eyeshadow palette. Of these, brown and blue are the most common ones.

Light pink eyeshadow on the lids can make eyes look larger and enhanced. If your eyes are small in size, then they are used at the lower surface of the eyes, while for the larger eyes, they are used at the upper portion of eyes.

It is literally in style now to apply these combinations at work and parties especially in summer and spring season. They give a very refreshing and bold look to the eyes that suits these occasions. Along with these eyeshadow looks, you can simply straighten your hair and step out in style.


The gold color is perfect for use by any type of skin color, dress, hairstyle and shape of eyes. The only thing that must be kept in mind is the way you apply it to your eyes because every type of eyes has a different requirement, just like every occasion demand a different look.

Depending on the type of your eye makeup styles, you can wear different shades of gold to enhance your eyes. If you can do it right, your are almost ready for the occasion you are going to attend.

If you are planning to go to prom and for instance its summer season, then try using rose gold color with a little bit of blue or brown shade at the edges of your eyes.

Along with this, you can brush your hair in the backward direction and simply pin them up in cris cross manner. This will pretty much complete your overall chic appearance. Put a light-colored lipstick with it as well.

Never make the mistake of using darker lip color to match, it will ruin all your effort. Also, you should try getting a dress that blends well with these eyeshadow looks.

Otherwise, wrong dress color can wreck your entire look. For woman with brown eyes, you can find heaps of articles on eye makeup for brown eyes on the web.

Given above are carefully researched eyeshadow makeup inspirations for every occasion. Indulge and experiment with your creative flair. Your essentials are your art gallery tools.

Create your eye makeup routine with our eyeshadow looks suggestions, mix those shades together, wear them the way you like it and be your own muse.

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