Blue Eyeshadow Looks: Twice The Fun For Celeb Twins

blue eyeshadow looks

The best of friends in-demand models love to highlight their luscious lips with bright colors and edgy blue eyeshadow looks of turquoise pigment on their eyelids.

This is not the first time that they were seen with bold eyeshadow in blue shades.

Looking fabulous with aquamarine lines on lower lash and an awesome cerulean liner wings, these two gorgeous wanna-be DJ certainly appears to be the IT girls on Instagram.

Light Blue Eyeshadow Looks

The particular light blue eyeshadow looks that we find so awesomely gorgeous is an upside down cat eye look.

It will be even better if you have a fuller lower lids. What makes this stunning eyeshadow looks so eye-catching!

So yeah, if you have mastered the technique of applying liners and eyeshadow on your upper lids then try them on your lower lids just under the eyes.

Light blue eyeshadow looks tend to be the very much eye makeup palettes again for Autumn. Macarena Nieto is one of my favorite influencer  to flaunt it.

Macarena’s light blue eyeshadow looks totally briliant as she line-up her matching jacket to make a statement for an awesome overall chic look.

Dark Blue Eyshadow Looks

Dark blue eyeshadow looks are getting more favorable with dark skin as it makes your eye pop. Most celebs loves it because it highlight the whites in their eyes.

But we found out this stunning Influencer on Instagram that does her natural makeup with a twist by not using dark blue eyeshadow but a simple flick with a blue liner. Now that’s super cool!

View this post on Instagram

another year on this 🌍🥰❤️

A post shared by AMAKA (@amaka.hamelijnck) on

Blue Eyeshadow Ideas

To give you a really quick and really simple breakdown, what eyeshadow ideas will work best for you.

Only you and you alone knows what will be the best way to enhance your blue eyeshadow looks.

So yeah, the whole point of applying eyeshadow is to really take into consideration your eye color and to match it which stunning palettes. That will be contrast to your eye color.

If you really want to play with blue eyeshadow because you seen some people rock it! However, if you have green eyes, blue eyeshadow looks doesn’t work.

It’s like a weird color to it. Doesn’t have enough of presence and it’s kind of all wrong.

Here’s more resource:
Blue Eyeshadow Looks

 For more grasps on blue eyeshadow looks and ideas, get it here to enlighten your eye make up game. Or just visit eyemakeuplooks for recent posts that you might like.

We like the blue eyeshadow looks from these stunning twins and @amaka. Hope it gives you some inspiration to try it out soon.

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