Best Makeup Looks And Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes To Try

makeup looks for green eyes

Makeup looks for green eyes are often consider one of the most unique pair of peepers to style for women with different eye shapes. From glamour to simplistic to inspire you here.

Best Makeup Looks For Green Eyes

The ideal makeup looks for green eyes should have blue color in it. Pairing blue shadow and dark eyeliner are simply amazing with your eye makeup routine.

Celebrity and editorial makeup artist KATIE JANE HUGHES shared in her Instagram post, showing off her blue eye makeup looks can be pretty much astonishing with the right tones.

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Ocean eyes

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Natural Makeup Looks For Green Eyes

Neutral and natural shade taupe can provide nice highlight for minimalist. Combination of brown, gold and bronze eyeshadow palette ideas are best for natural makeup looks

If you have hazel eyes, shadow with a tinge of gold can make your eyes look greener. Champagne gold, rose gold or bronzy gold will perfectly compliment your eyes for evening outings.

If you have blue-green eyes, burgundy colored shadow is one of the best choices for a stunning look. Wine shade shadows will give a nice chic look for any occasion.

Make Your Green Eye Looks Greener

The best hair color that will go with your green eye looks are dark hues. You can use artificial hair color such as strawberry, red or platinum.

Matching your outfit can also make your eyes looks amazing and wearing clothes that are in shades of purple will make your peepers look even more amazing.

Wearing dark neutral colors such as grey, burgundy and lavender can make your eyes look greener if you have hazel eyes.

Wearing white with subtle eye makeup for green eyes will make you look very attractive.

Earrings draw attraction to your eyes and wearing bronze or gold matches with green eyes. Dark and modern frame glasses also make you look awesome.

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Best Eyeshadow Ideas For Green Eyes

If you are blessed with green eyes and fair skin, you should make use of these attractive features to make you stand out in the crowd.

Any palette of eyeshadow ideas with reddish hue will help your peepers look stunning. Using red tone shadow palette will also make your green eyes stand out, so does pink and brown.

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Smokey eye look is very trendy these days and you can create this by using dark grey, lighter grey and paler grey shadow. It will look great on woman with green eyes and fair skin.

You can have a sultry grey-green makeup looks for your green eyes, considering green or deep smoky grey shadow with violet or purple eyeliner and black mascara.

For blue shadow look for green eyes, you can compliment them with a combination of red, burgundy or wine shadow at the center, nude eye shadow over upper eyelid and turquoise shadow to the lower lash line.

You can also line your eye with black or charcoal eyeliner to get a dramatic effect.

eye makeup for green eyes
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Lipstick For Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, brown hair and fair skin, you are already gorgeous, and the best way is to use subtle eye makeup with lipstick.

The best lipstick for green eyes and fair skin are with tones such as brown and red. Especially red are the most favorable by makeup artists and Michelle Renaud trending on Instagram below.

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Green eyes.👁 Red lipstick.💄

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Subtle shadow palettes with bright lipstick color will make you look fresh for any occasion. Avoid matching lipstick colors with your shadow as it will take away your natural look.

For brown hair and fair skin, a small amount of red shadow and copper lipstick will be best along with minimum makeup looks for green eyes. Pairing light and dark shade of pink will create a dramatic style.

If you have blonde hair and fair skin, brown shadow and orange lipstick will make you look awesome with your green eyes makeup looks.

For black hair and brown skin, best approach to go with makeup for green eyes would be gold shadow and copper lipstick for a totally stunning appearance.

Eyebrows shaping cannot be ignored and you need to groom them by tweezing at least once a week to remove stray hairs. You can darken your brows with a pencil if needed.

If you are always busy then try eyebrow shaper tool kit such as fork-tip pencil, something like microblading but not going thru the pain factor.

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Applying mascara can bring your green eye looks even more attractive by creating long and voluminous lashes. You can also try fake lashes and Circle lenses which are pretty much in trend now.

I’m a big fan of woman with green eyes. Being a green eye person is a state of mind (special), so whether you are going for a smoky eye or dramatic look, don’t be afraid to own it!

With these compilation heads up’ on the best makeup looks for green eyes, you can make anyone go totally green with envy everyday.

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