15 Best 80s Makeup Trends You Should Know

So a lot of us, placing on touches of makeup has been a first-rate temper lifter this year. Sometimes we want a pick-me-up with the shape of a touch mascara or ambitious lipstick to fight the ones wintry weather blues in particular as we keep to social distance and quarantine at home. Make-up developments have not stopped simply due to the fact you stopped sporting makeup.

80’s Makeup Trends

In the 1980s the last decade of everything, in which ‘80s make up developments have been confirmed over the pinnacle due to the fact women simply desired to enjoy, and in which extra become constantly extra. everybody desired Madonna’s blush, Debbie Harry’s lips, Grace Jones’ lids, Cyndi Lauper’s everything. Ladies have been ditching their tweezer in harmony with forehead styles also are many of the celebrities wore in ’80s which include feathered bob cut, a Day Glotan, and the shiny peach gloss, a glance that still stole displays.

Some of the Makeup Trends of the ’80s

  • Bushy brows
  • Bold eye shadow
  • Colored mascara
  • Contoured cheeks
  • Lip liner
  • Frosty lips
  • Pink and purple eyeshadow
  • Heavy foundation
  • Fuchsia
  • Heavy mascara
  • Heavy blush
  • Neon nail polish
  • Neon accents
  • Metallic colors
  • Under eye makeup

Bushy Brows.

Brooke Shields made tides in her 1980’s film, it regarded absolutely each person had now come to be forehead attractive and with suitable reason. Her certainly furry brows have been now no longer simplest a welcome wreck from the extra groom arch of the 70’s, they have been additionally on the emblem for the era’s tackle excess. Fuller, bushy brows then have become the signature search for everything of the 80’s, with a few even notably darken their arch to reap the appearance.

Bold Eye Shadow

To create the 80’s fashion eyeshadow appearance however, with a polished twist, Geneva shows taking a vibrant orange eye color from ZYX Cosmetics beautiful Shadow box, and making use of it at the corner of the eyes. Next, blend in a depth coloration of that eyeshade at the outer corner with a thin brush.

Then, with the same brush, make a line of eye shadow, till reach the corner of the brow. Mix the darkest shade at the decrease lash line to make greater intensity and dimension, and end with numerous blends of the great volumizing mascara you could find.

Colored Mascara

Colored mascara is the most simplest methods to mess in with the ‘80s make up fashion, says New York City primarily based totally make up artist Dana Arcidy. Temporary version Joan Small demonstrates simply how a easy wash color at the lashes could make a large effect and supply simply the proper trace of ‘80s specially the most of color shy.

Contoured Cheeks

Contouring, with out a doubt, become most popular 80’s make up traits, This, gathered with the addiction with pop of colors and campy shade set the base for the cultured of the era’s later years and confirmed the bulk people the way to contour also.

Lip Liner

The cross fashion motion of the Nineteen Eighties discovered its heroine in version. Lip liner was likewise creating a comeback. Now only it’s being wear in a greater subtle, monochromatic manner than it become again with the ‘80s, like we noticed in ‘80s make up, in recent times lip liner and lip color are generally with the equal color family, as we saw on Grammy prevailing artist Lizzo.

Frosty Lips

Ladies from all cross fashion of society stacked with the sticky, frosted lipstick fashion and its in addition irrepressible more youthful sister, the gloss like fire to a flame. It involves no one’s wonder that this certainly not a natural lipstick trend made of a cream-like lip color usually in shades of orange, nude, peach, and the 80’s of all 1980’s colors, orchid red, all with the metal end took the splendor enterprise through the storm.

Pink and Purple Eye Shadow

Pink, purple, and blue eyeshadow had been the “in” colorings for eyeshadow with the 80s and we cherished slathering that stuff on. We did not cross for a “hint” of color. We went all out formidable. We could pile at the contrasting colorings and put on our eyeshadow from eyelids to eyebrows. The makeup fashion lower back then changed into to closely intensify the eyes. The greater stuff we should pile on, the better. On the downside, we didn’t have the make up elimination merchandise like we do now and it is able to take an afternoon or  to put off a heavy software of eye make up, ensuing in a number of eye infections.

Heavy Foundation

Make up courses with the 80’s taught us that we had to shop for basis that became  sun sunglasses lighter than our herbal pores and skin tone. You see, we weren’t worried approximately searching herbal in the ones days. Our face became a platform that became supposed to expose off wild colors, now no longer our herbal splendor. We carried out our basis on thick to offer ourselves a “blank” floor to paintings on. Then we ought to pile on the attention make up, heavy blush, and vibrant lipstick with out the interference of blemishes or contoured pores and skin tone.


Fuchsia became anywhere with the 80’s. We wore fuchsia jelly footwear, fuchsia shirts and pants, fuchsia socks to fit a neon blue dress, and gobs and globs of fuchsia lipstick. Fuchsia became the most effective purple to put on and the lipstick became so notable vibrant it made our lips stand out for miles. If we weren’t carrying fuchsia lipstick, then we have been taking it down a notch with a plum colored lipstick which, in all honesty, became simply as lousy searching because the fuchsia stuff.

Heavy Mascara

If you ever get hold of a Nineteen Eighties style magazine, ensure to test out the model’s eyes. A famous appearance again then became the makeup eyes. Women wore heavy mascara on their pinnacle and backside eyelashes. This became then in addition accentuated with a heavy layer of black eyeliner on each the pinnacle and backside lids. The impact became rocker eyes that might quick smear off at the lids and onto the face, growing a large number after a heavy night time of rocking to Motley Crue.

Heavy Blush

Accentuating our cheekbones became part of the 80s culture. We did now no longer do that gently, though. We in no way hinted at anything. Instead, we’d seize a vibrant purple or deep plum blush and cake it on. A vibrant streak of blush became taken into consideration appealing again then, despite the fact that we’d name it a freakish clown appearance today. Also, we didn’t pay any interest to what colors are imagined to go along with our pores and skin tone. I do recall studying one splendor manual again then that instructed me I became an autumn, however autumn wasn’t in again then and so I, along side all of the different autumns, overlooked the splendor recommendation and leaned closer to what became in mass style.

Neon Nail Polish

We did one element proper with the 80s. We introduced most of the neon nail polish fashion. I recall while it first hit the shelves. My mom sold me neon orange and I wore the stuff all of the time. It went extraordinary with my fuchsia jelly footwear and neon garb I used to put on almost each single day (no surviving pictures, sorry).

Neon Accents

Became famous in quite a few 80’s stimulated clothing and looks. But you do not want a complete neon outfit or make up appearance to consist of this 80’s fashion for your modern appearance. A manner to do that is with the aid of using inclusive of neon accents, like a formidable neon eyeliner to your eyelid or to your back side lash line.

If you’re going for a bolder make up appearance, strive a neon purple or neon orange lipstick

Metallic Colors

like silver and gold, are smooth to contain into your makeup leaf through eye shadow or highlight. If you’re trying to experiment, strive a few steel eye liner or lip products.

Under Eye Makeup

Pull away out of your decreased lash line while doing all of your eye makeup. Add a few 80’s stimulated pops in your makeup appearance with the aid of using setting a few eye shadows to your decreased lash line or a few eyeliners in your water line.

Wrapping up

What is going around truly comes round, and similar to the revival of many unforgettable style developments from the aptly named Decade of Excess puffy sleeves, chunky sneakers, neon, animal print, floral print, all the prints it appears that 80’s make up appears are all over again having their crazy lovely flip with the spotlight. What as soon as become maligned as being “too much” is now, in mild of contemporary self-expressive times, simply right.