Discover the Top Spring Trends in Nail Art

Spring is in full force and it is reminding us of all the different things we are grateful for. That includes the new beauty routine of upgrading our nail art. With the extra sunshine and freshly bloomed flowers, this is the season to really have fun with vibrant nail colors and happy nail art designs.

This season is the best time to get creative with your nail art—especially using nail dip powder—and welcome the use of lots of color, shades and overall design.

It does not matter if you are more of a simple manicure gal or like to really go big with your nail art design, there are many new trends that will fit every type of personality and lifestyle.

And with nail dip powder kits, it has never been easier to get salon-worthy nails at home. This DIY solution makes it simple to get long-lasting results so that your beautiful nail art can be appreciated for weeks to come.

Nail dip powder takes out the added UV lamp treatment that gel nails require. Instead, you simply dip your nails multiple times into the pigment powder selection of your choice. Here are all the stunning Spring trends that you can test out with this easy to use manicure method.

Style 1: Pastel Flowers

Spring is the time when flowers are really in full bloom. They are everywhere you go—and can even be on your nails too. One of the best ways to tastefully incorporate a floral design on your nails is to go with a nude base color and then add one or two floral designs on each hand. Not every single nail needs flowers. In fact, quality over quantity will really make this nail art trend fully blossom. Some people are even experimenting with adding real dried flowers to their nail designs too.

Style 2: Sticker Add Ons

Nail dip powders allow you to get really vibrant hues on each of your nails. If small designs aren’t your thing, then you can go an easier route of then adding stickers to your colorful nails for really interesting designs. In fact, there are multiple sticker designs made to be easily applied to your manicure and will last for weeks on end. From subtle stickers to ones that really pop, you can switch it up all Spring long.

Style 3: Go Metallic

This nail art trend has hit the runways this fashion season and we’re totally digging it. The metallic accents of gold or silver that are being flaunted on nails represent the perfect transition of seasons and add a real shine to any outfit you are wearing. Adding a bit of glimmer and sparkle, you will really have a lot of fun going metallic this Spring.

Style 4: Glitz and Bedazzled

While pastel and subtle designs are on trend this season, so are the all-out glam nails that rock jewels and bedazzled designs. You can layer on actual rhinestones, studs or gems designs for nail designs and add a larger than life result this season. Why not be extra stylish and glamorous this season?

Style 5: Simple and Stylish

But in contrast to the jeweled out designs that many people are digging, we are equally living for the simplistic color tones and designs this season too. The traditional French manicure is back in full force and is the perfect way to keep things soft and subtle this Spring. The best part about this nail art design is that the look goes with literally everything and makes any ensemble you rock even more elegant.

Style 6: Get Abstract

Why have just one color on your nail when you can have multiple? Another great nail art trend to try this season is having multiple colors on each nail to create abstract designs that really pop. This one has been emerging for the last couple of years and we’ve seen a real rise in it this season. Two to three different hues that all compliment each other allow for the abstract lines to really pop and give you a total cool-girl manicure.

Style 7: Classic Pearls

Every girl needs a good pair of pearls this season. But we are not just talking about pearl earrings. You can also add this precious stone to your nails as well. Pearls are extremely prominent right now and will go with any base hue that you choose for your nails. Talk about having the ultimate Chanel vibe all season long. Classic and timeless, this nail art design will be around for quite some time.

Style 8: Rainbow Colors

Everyone needs happiness in their life. Rainbows do just that. So many people are creating rainbow nail art so that they can take a piece of happiness with them wherever they go this season—making other people smile along the way too.


So what nail art design will you be rocking this season?