The Best Tips For Using Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer

First impressions looks really nice and high quality super thick. I think it’s really a good product and you get a lot of bang for your money.

The Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer Pencil stays all day and easily comes off with soap and water. Also, being cruelty-free is very important to me. Thumbs up for sweatproof as well.

I have never had an eyebrow pencil that could keep up with the sweat dripping all over my face while on my cycling routine. If you live in high humidity, the color fades after 8 hours or so.

Without smudging on my pillow, the pencil color remains on if I forget to remove my makeup. And there are healthy benefits to your brows too using vegetable oil and beewax

How To Use

  • Brush all of your brow hairs up with the spoolie
  • With the pencil, draw a light line along the lower part of your brow
  • Draw distinct lines in the direction of the hair using the sharp edge of the pencil (beginning at the bottom and sweeping up)
  • Start with a light touch and then go back and fill in any spaces
  • Draw a light line over the upper edge of your brow once more
  • Brush the brow hairs upward again with the spoolie to blend the pencil lines
  • Any spots that require more pencil should be touched up

How To Match

If you have dark brown brows, use a little lighter brown color and if you have extremely dark black, use a dark brown because they look more blended.

For fair skin and light brown hair, the color is fine. It goes on easily and without tugging. It makes all the difference to use this pencil with the correct fill-in technique.

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