HONEST REVIEW: Docolor Tropical Palette With 34 Shades

Yes, so today I would like a shout out review for you guys. This perfect gorgeous palette that I’m really obsessed with, so this is a tropical turning for eyeshadows color shadow palette.

All the shades are extremely cool and pigment is perfect. All these shades are extremely beautiful, really cool variety of colors. They even have orange shade and this eyeshadow palette was inspired by the tropical colorful vibe.

What I love in this palette, by the way the price is extremely affordable. So surfing shade is really nice, gentle with under green shade eyeshadow, loved it also the jungle shade is amazing. It has this deep, green shade that really reminds me of a jungle.

The other four shades are Mohito, sand castle, tequila sunrise and sex on the beach. So my deep favorite it’s gonna be sand castle because I’m obsessed with this kind of shades.

I love gentle bright shades and tequila sunrise is the most perfect brighter orange shade with the best pigment I’ve ever seen for some time.

So my favorite, it’s actually, the volcanic shade, I mean check out this extremely cool shade of a volcano. Also the bonfire is nice and the seashell will be the perfect shade for these light smoky eyes.

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