HONEST GLAM REVIEW: Trying On Magnetic Eyelashes First Time

I totally can’t imagine how people are feeling after putting on magnetic eyelashes most of the time. Perhaps, it’s getting use to it.

I’ve been putting glue lashes off for such a long time, because I totally freak out about things sticking around my eyes.

So yeah, it’s my first time using Glamnetic Vegan Short Cat Eye Faux Mink Magnetic Lashes, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to glued lashes. They’re very light, and it was obvious straight up – pretty simple to use.

I don’t have any of that prickly, unpleasant eyelash feeling and they seems to be staying in place all day.

I think it’s totally a good idea to give it a go, because sooner or later your girlfriends will surely pop you a surprise gift.

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So what you need to do is to get the upper lash, pop it on the top and hold it in place, just like you would do any normal eyelash extension.

Then you get the bottom set of eyelashes and if you need a set of tweezers, preferably not metal ones, because obviously magnets and metal don’t really go well.

You hold the top set in place and then you slowly pop them like piece by piece. So start with it in the corner pop that in there and then just keep going to the mid section, and then the outer corner.

And you should be good to go, I mean the rule still stands, keep people a foot or so away from you just so they can’t see how crazy it looks. Nevertheless, they look good from like a little further away.

So yeah, I tried the Glamnetic Vegan Short Cat Eye Faux Mink Magnetic Lashes without any eye makeup looks nice when a little further away from people.

Bottom line: If you know how to cover up the falsies then it should not be an issue for close contact with people.

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