The Best Inexpensive Eyeliner Brushes You Can Use

So today I’m gonna be showing you guys the  Docolor Makeup Eyeliner Brushes set.  They are great for your skin and really inexpensive brushes as well.

I really like these brushes especially their blender brushes, flat brushes, pencil brushes, and I really like them as a brand as they’re super affordable.

First of all, I love the packaging. It’s, super simple and sleek. Nothing fancy and it’s really lightweight! 

They just have very simple comfortable handle and gold metal part connecting the bristles to the handles.

It doesn’t feel super luxurious with it’s matte black a wooden handle. Very light and you can tell that it’s not your most expensive makeup brushes set in the world.

But what is more important to me is how well they apply and how well they blend the makeup.

They blend really well and the makeup sticks to the brushes easily. They’re beautiful and if you like to use an eyeshadow palette, it totally works well due to the quality of these brushes.

It’s also very fluffy, so for me, I would probably use this as my transition shade brush as well as blending brush to create more of a seamless blending.

The brush is very soft and works nicely on your eyelid. It’s dense enough that it really gets into the crease. The amount of pigment or powder that the brushes pick up is impressive.

They work just fine as blender brushes. The Docolor Makeup Brushes Set of brushes really impressed with the eyeshadow brushes together with angled brush and the rounder tipped brush as well.

These are brushes that I will use on a daily basis. To be perfectly honest, I do use other brushes as well, but I like to find ones that are less expensive just for everyday wear.

eyeliner brushes

Here is the Resource at Amazon: Docolor Makeup Brushes Set 15 Pieces with Case

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