HONEST REVIEW: Best Waterproof Eyeliner That Last + Affordable

What I’m gonna bring to you today, because I know so many people have different likes and different wants for waterproof eyeliner.

So I’m going to be comparing the Kat Von D trooper and the Stila eyeliner, which I know a lot of people also loved.

I’ve never really used it as much as I did this time to really test it out, and each of these actually have pros and cons. Not one is like completely perfect.

You need to kind of slip it into your makeup bag. Something where I personally love to bring my eyeliners with me on the go in case anything goes wrong.

All two are cruelty free, so that’s always a plus because I know that’s very important to a lot of people. The extra benefits is the product has really good ingredients.

The brand’s products has lash enhancing ingredients like biotin collagen keratin, something like clay.

Nevertheless, about the different shades that it comes with the cosmetics. It only comes in black for the trooper liner for Kat Von D.

I also saw that they also released a dark brown shade, but it’s currently sold out. So yeah, it only comes in two different shades.

For Stila, this one wins the category for multiple shades, because this comes in black and brown.

I saw a deep navy blue and it also comes in a lot of different shades, which I was kind of surprised.

If you’re trying to pick one that looks pretty much matte, I would definitely go for the Stila,

You will find they have very similar applicators except the Kat Von D has a much more defined tip and the brush itself is exactly the same size except the tip, it’s pretty much sharper on the Kat Von D.

It’s a little bit flexible, but not as flexible as the Stila which is longer as well, and the one who probably has the most stiff brush is the Kat Von D.

The Stila has much more sheen as you can really tell once you put on the rest of your makeup.

But the Kat Von D trooper pigmentation and the finish is probably the most beautiful out of all the three because it’s so black and it doesn’t look as much of a satin finish like the others.

So yeah, I would say Kat Von D probably has the best tip, and it does takes a little bit longer to fill in those gaps just because the tip is so thin. So if you do like a thicker line, you just have to just go over again.

So now let’s go into the waterproof category. This was very easy just to test it out, the Kat Von D ended up being the winner for the best waterproof product. Being in the sauna and Kat Von D was number one as well.

After all the comparisons, Kat Von D is number one because price point is the cheapest and has a great tip and ink flow. I love the packaging and how small it is.

But yeah, I don’t, really see myself purchasing the Stila again, even though it comes in multiple colors. As you can see there’s a lot of comparison with price, longevity, how the tip and all of that.

So there’s a lot of information when you test out, not just if it was waterproof and which one applies better.

Bottom line: I will say that I love both of these equally, I mean, when it really come down on the nitty gritty and I had to pick one, the Kat Von D definitely wins.

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