17 Top Travel Makeup Organizer Multi-Tasking List That Aren’t Liquid

Traveling is all about relaxation and having a great travel makeup organizer is a key part to staying fresh and beautiful, while also giving you the look of being well rested.

A little maintenance is all it takes to make sure you look your best on your next dream travel destination for a week or a month.

Packing your beauty makeup essentials is the first step to looking good, and staying cool. The key is to make sure that your makeup bag for travel have a minimal danger of spilling, making travel that much easier.

I’ll be flying to NYC with my spouse for a short weekend getaway, and I’ll just be bringing my carry-on luggage.

I can’t recall the last time I just had carry-on baggage. I was used to traveling with my hair-care products since I would typically end up going to a hair salon everywhere I went, so I became used to checking my luggage.

While I wouldn’t describe myself as “well traveled,” I’ll probably do a post on traveling with hair products later, but for now, I’m going to provide some travel makeup ideas.

travel makeup organizer
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Have you ever been so sick of yourself that you wanted to take a year off from your life and travel, only to be overcome with the urge to throw on your makeup and jump on a plane to the next exotic destination!

Have you been on a trip and didn’t look good or felt good enough? Or are you the type of person who actually loves makeup and would never take an opportunity to get it on?

If you’re like me, you might want to read this article. This post will teach you everything you need to know about travel makeup , while also helping you to decide if you should continue to wear it or not.

When deciding what travel makeup bag with compartments to carry, try to think about multi-tasking items that aren’t liquid. Of course, if you need to carry liquid, you may, but thick creams or just dry items are much less hazardous.

Here’s my 17 top travel makeup organizer ideas for your travel getaways at Amazon.

This foundation’s complete review may be read here. I like that it provides complete coverage while being light on the skin. With its powder composition, there’s no danger of spilt liquid foundation.
It’s the ideal brush for applying makeup.
This concealer is amazing for under my eyes. Of course, on top of my Bobbi Brown corrector.
This is a product that may be used in a variety of ways. It may be applied as a light liner along the bottom and top lash lines, or blended out to appear like complete shadow on the eyelid.
This is the most stunning blush I’ve ever seen. It also functions as a highlighter, making it basically two items in one.
Because if that wasn’t my cosmetic bag, I’d freak out.
While it isn’t the softest liner I’ve ever used, I like how it twists up and stays crisp. Because I often forget to bring a pencil sharpener with me when I travel, this liner is ideal for both traveling and daily usage.
One of my most beloved brow pencils.
This concealer is my favorite for imperfections and dark areas.
So I purchased this palette from a cosmetic shop at an outlet mall. Now that I think about it, may only offer discontinued items? I can’t seem to locate this palette on the internet! The Eye Enhancing Palette at Amazon is a comparable alternative in Matte, Ablaze, Bold and more.
I don’t need this product if I look weary with under-eye circle appearance. However, if I want to appear rested, this is necessary.
This is ideal for adding shadow to the whole lid.
This is the brush I use for the crease and outer corners of my eyes. A similar option may be found here.
This brush is my go-to for blending shades together and applying highlight beneath my brows.
This mascara is bold and extending.
This brush is great for applying blush or highlighter.
This is a brightening product by Pixi. This is a recent product, but I like how it lights up the region around my eyes.

Best travel makeup tips

When choosing an eyeshadow palette set to carry, choose one that can be used both day and night. To achieve a number of distinct eyeshadow looks, you just need a few different shade of colors. 

Choose a blush that includes a highlighter, such as this one. It not only saves you some space but it also frees up a more room in your makeup bag for other essential items.

Look for mechanical (twist up) eyeliner if you’re like me that always forget my pencil sharpener. The most common flaw with twist up eyeliner is that they get rounded on the tip after a few usage. Get one with self-sharpening feature that totally eliminates that issue right away.

3 important things you should always remember…

  1. You should bring your favorite makeup and a few backups in case you lose or break something.
  2. You can do your makeup while travelling by using a travel-sized makeup bag.
  3. To avoid messing up your makeup, it is best to use a primer before applying any makeup.

Instead of putting all of my cosmetics in one big bag, I divide it into a travel makeup bag with compartments. It’s simpler to jam a few smaller items into tight places in my travel makeup bag than it is to attempt to get one big suitcase in without crushing anything.

I make sure any of my skin care or other beauty items that I’ll need to squeeze into my travel makeup organizer to get through security check as hand-carry. 

If I had to check a bag, I’d bring my Caudalie Beauty Elixir, which is great for rehydrating after getting off a plane. I’d also bring Sonia Kashuk’s Pink Innocencia body lotion, which I can’t seem to get enough of these days.

Everyone has those jet-lag days that leave you feeling puffy and tired, and a complete set of  travel makeup set can do wonders. 

If you have any future summer vacation plans that include flying, I hope this post comes in handy when packing your makeup bag for travel.

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