How To Pick The Perfect Eyeshadow Looks To Wear This Season

The perfect eyeshadow looks can completely transform your makeup when used right. Besides, there are multiple eyeshadow palettes that complement different seasons and occasions like Halloween as well as dark eye makeup styles with metallic eyeshadow palettes for parties and cocktails.

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Of course, there are also people who prefer neutral eyeshadow looks for holiday seasons and those hot summer months. So yeah, best is to copy celebs and makeup artists for the best seasonal looks.


eyeshadow looks

When celeb Shay Mitchell is not filming or being photographed, she revealed how she gears up with a stunning winged eyeliner look. It’s perfect with her pouting lips and it really brings out more of her perfectly stunning features.

Although her eyeshadow palette are from Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate but you can replicate her eye makeup looks with Cover Shot Eyeshadow palette which is more affordable and gives you a captivating color payoff.

Every woman young and matured simply want to select an eyeshadow palette that complements our eye color.

All we ever need is to be able to use most of the favorite colors we desire for a reasonable price that will last as well.

If you rake through an established online drugstore, there are some good and affordable brands that’s comparable with those big brands out there.

Bottom Line:

You get a super tiny bit of each eyeshadow palette, most of which you won’t use at all. So yeah, you’re looking at spending $40 upwards for two tiny eyeshadows with no other options.

What color eyeshadow to wear

eyeshadow looks infographic
Infographic: Pinterest
rose gold eyeshadow looks

Gold Eyeshadow Looks For Brown Eyes

The gold eyeshadow looks is perfect to wear by any type of skin color, fashion outfits and hairstyle.

The only thing that must be kept in mind is the way you apply it to your brown eyes because every type of eyes have different conditions just like every occasion demand a different look.

You can wear different shades of gold to enhance your eyes. Smokey eye with shimmer is also pretty much a good eye makeup style with gold eyeshadow looks.

If you can do it right, you are almost ready for any season and the occasion you are going to attend.


Best Smoky Eye Seasonal Looks For Any Eye Shapes

If you are going for the dark smokey eye look, apply dark lip color to match. Also, you should try getting an outfit that blends well with this eyeshadow looks.

Otherwise, wrong outfit color can wreck your entire look. For woman with brown eyes, you can find tons of articles on eye makeup for brown eyes on the web.

The first basic rule to nail the art of creating beautiful eyeshadow looks for brown eyes is keeping things subtle. And the truth about gold looks as told by an old saying;

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural

How To Apply Eyeshadow For This Look

  • Rose gold eyeshadow looks best during casual daytime gatherings and parties
  • Avoid using glitters on top of another eyeshadow
  • Rose gold goes well especially for brown eyes and  fair skin
  • Use pale earthy shades during evening office parties for brown eyes and dark skin
  • Rose gold eyeshadow looks are more neutral and for more impact while maintaining a formal approach, apply long curled lashes
  • Do not use fancy eyeliners in cobalt or yellow, stick to simple black
  • Draw thin strokes for day out events and try a thicker layer of black for evening events and gatherings

Best Eyeshadow Palette For Brown Eyes

Red Eyeshadow Looks For Blue Eyes

red eyeshadow looks

Red eyeshadow looks is the new cool and super-feminine. And is one the most common color tone that many teens and women with blue eyes like to wear on their prom parties and other social gatherings.

In the recent trends, the use of red eyeshadow with darker blue and brown shade is a great combination. The combination make your eyes look bigger than their original size and more prominent than before.

Red eyeshadow looks can be really cool. However, do not go overboard with the color, but instead make an effort to complement its beauty.

Mineral eyeshadows allows for awesome application and for colors that will never fade.

How To Apply Eyeshadow For This Look

Cat eyes never go out of trend; however, red eyeshadow palettes will rule this year. The best ways to not miss out on stunning red eyeshadow looks for weddings, and glamorous events are the makeup tips provided below. 

  • Apply thick strokes of a waterproof black eyeliner on the upper eyelids before applying red eyeshadow
  • Remember to apply a light shade of glittery at the tip of your eyes after lining them with black eyeliner below lid.
  • Spread a dark shade on top of the blackest of black thin eyeliner to create one of the most scintillating looks
  • Burgundy purple is yet another shade to look out for creating some of the best purple eyeshadow for weddings
  • You can also use a shade of turquoise with burgundy-purple and blend the two right on top of the upper lid for a glamorous look 

Pink Eyeshadow Looks For Green Eyes

pink eyeshadow looks

Pink eyeshadow looks are not just for millennial or teens. There are different positive sides of pink such as hot, light, soft as well as matte and they are for every women.

Romantic and feminine, pink eyeshadow looks oozes a glowing vibe for hazel or green eyes. And you can opt for all the pastel power to suit your taste.

The use of pink eyeshadow palette is not a new trend in the makeup industry. This natural looking eyeshadow has always been there in the market.

But the way it is now used by makeup artists and generally for day and night time is something very different from the past.

In the past, pink eyeshadow looks was not considered as a decent color to be used and also very few new combinations have been created with this color tone.

With the passage of time, as makeup artists started experimenting with this hue, especially by combining it with other colors, it’s popularity and creativity have increased.

Several color shades can be mixed with popular pink eyeshadow palette. Of these, brown and blue are the most common ones.

Light pink eyeshadow on the lids can make eyes look larger and enhanced. If your eyes are small in size, then they are used at the lower area of the eyes, while for the larger eyes, they are used at the upper portion.

It is literally in style now to apply these combinations for any seasons and parties especially in summer and spring season. They give a very refreshing and natural look to any eye colors.

Along with this eyeshadow looks, a simple straighten hairstyle will be totally eye-catching. It’s true when people say;

‘Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, and structure – it can transform you’.

How to Apply Eyeshadow For This Look

The following few tips and tricks are great while playing with pink eyeshadow looks for winged eyes – even for beginners.  

  • Use a gray or silver metallic eyeshadow as a base eyeshadow before using any shade of a pink 
  • You can use the pink eyeshadow as a liner instead of your normal eyeliner and team it up with nude colors for a simple look
  • You can also use two different shades of pink and blend them properly on top of the eyelids, already lined with black eyeliners 
  • Pink eyeshadow looks for winged eyes also look stunning when the outer corner of the eyes are slightly brushed with golden brown while keeping the basics – black eyeliner for winged tip and mascara on curled lashes

Should You Match Your Eyeshadow To Your Outfit

If you are dressing up to go to prom and for instance its summer season, apply rose gold color with a little bit of blue or brown shade at the edges of your eyes.

Along with this, you can brush your hair in the backward direction and simply pin them up in cris-cross manner. This will pretty much complete your overall chic appearance. Put a light-colored lipstick with it as well.

The above article are best eyeshadow application guide for seasons. Indulge and experiment with your creative flair. Create your own style with our eyeshadow looks made easy for you, wear them the way you like it and be your own muse.

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