10 Almond Eye Makeup Looks – Best Eyeliners & Eyeshadow Tips

Everyone deserves a break from complicated tutorials to enjoy simple and easy makeup for almond eyes with graphic eyeliners and stylish looks.

There’s no arguing when Laura Mercier mentioned that ‘Your eye makeup says so much about you and your style’. And when you have almond eyes, you have all the liberty to get playful with colors and styles.

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Festivals are no less finer than parties. Which is why you might want to create stunning eyeshadow looks for day as well as night outings. Graphic or floating eyeliner looks pretty awesome on almond eyes.  

You can also pick less pigmented corals and rose for subtle appeal during day and evening time. Follow our 10 eyeliner for almond eyes steps below to get the desired effect.

  1. The first thing you should always do is prepare and prime your eyelids for any makeup
  2. Choose a neutral tint that is closest to your skin tone or a shade lighter if you want a minimalist look.
  3. Pick a recommended eyeliner that doesn’t smudge easily. Choose a range of eyeliner from pencil, liquid, gel or pen.
  4. Make a winged liner at the outer corner of the eye. To make it stand out and appear even, apply two coats.
  5. You can also draw very thin strokes of yellow, pink, or cobalt blue eyeliners under the main thick eyeliner to create a dramatic effect
  6. Use Kajal to match the color of your eyeliner or contrast a colored liner with black Kajal.
  7. Apply mascara after you’ve finished applying the liner and Kajal to create thick and lush lashes.
  8. It’s always better to use matte shades with light reflecting fine glitters that look natural and not overdone
  9. Use thick strokes of black eyeliners to create a bold look for night events. Change the strokes to something thinner for day events
  10. Cat eyeliner on almond eyes look totally awesome or you wish to try for a trendy e-girly unorthodox looks to make heads turn. 
cat eye infographic
Infographic: Pinterest

Best almond eye makeup looks

Cool & Fun Looks

So, if you’re keen to know more, the following winged eyeshadow ideas should be pretty helpful.

It might surprise you that a glamorous winged eye look is easier when done with eyeshadows instead of eyeliners alone.

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something that is physical”

  • Use a volumizing mascara on the lower lids instead of eyelashes
  • Opt for earthy brown eyeshadows instead of glitter and metallic colors for a sharp office look
  • Focus on applying your eyebrows with dark mousse colors instead of building up layers of mascara when attending black tie events
  • Shade a darker shadow into the crease for a more striking appearance.
  • Drag the shape upwards and outwards for a beautiful stunning eye makeup look.
makeup for almond eyes

Purple Smokey Winged Eye

There cannot be anything more scintillating than winged eyes in contrasting shades of glittering golden or burgundy.

Thus, the guide below will satisfy your hunger cravings for a glam look with a bunch of cool eyeshadow ideas.

  • Use cobalt blue eyeliner to draw the edges of the lids that’ll be helpful for precision application of the eyeshadow
  • The safest eyeshadows are dark and glittery shades since they complement all skin tones
  • Apply the eyeshadow on the outer part of your eyes to create a perfect winged look
  • You can also pull off this look for day out events by cutting down on glitters and using sunset shades and a simple black eyeliner.

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Sexy Smudged Eyeshadow

Remember, smudged eye makeup steps are difficult maneuver and not for amateurs, since anything out of line will immediately drop you in the pit of flawed makeup.

However, with some practice, you can flaunt a smudged sexy look. And certainly a dark look with metallic eyeshadow is the latest party trend.

Follow the simplified eyeshadow tips given below to pull off an all-metallic party look with perfection.

  • Use metallic eyeshadow above your eyelids that should already be lined with an eyeliner
  • Use only dark black pigmented eyeliners and mascaras to create a bold dark look
  • You can also get innovative by blending two different shades of metallic eyeshadows to create a unique smudged winged makeup look
  • Use fake lashes if the real ones aren’t dense
  • Ensure that your brow bone is properly highlighted

Natural Makeup Looks

Natural look is an underrated eye makeup idea that pretty much suits casual events as well as glamorous evening look. And all that’s required is to play with colors and shades to suit the occasion.

One such approach of flaunting a natural look is by creating a double winged look with pink eyeliners. The eyeshadow tips are listed below.

  • Use a dark shade of pink to create a thick stroke above the lashes and under the lower lids. You can use spoons as tools to draw wings on almond eyes
  • It’s best to use metallic eyeshadow when creating a double winged look with pink eyeliners
  • You can also look as fresh as a daisy in a summer afternoon by drawing double wings with a yellow eyeliner and using it in contrast with light shades of coral eyeshadow
  • In the case of semi-formal corporate events, it’s best to stick with blacks. You can use metallic shades of eyeshadow at night and sunset colors for evening events.

Check out NYX International Makeup. With every eye makeup looks, there always the proper brush to apply mascara to bring out that totally gorgeous looks and making it super easy for eyeshadow application as well.

Try different eyeshadow looks without the pressure of perfection as perfection doesn’t comes overnight. In the end, it all comes down to poise. It’s true when people say that:

Just because you want to be glamorousdon’t be a sheep on your eye makeup”.

The best eyeliner at drugstore are often overlooked. What people are looking for are products that are waterproof, safe on skin and most of all, cruelty-free brand. That’s why you should pay more attention on what’s popular and non toxic.

The ideal eyeshadow and eyeliner makeup for almond eyes can offer a much required boost as well as empowers you to carrying yourself with confidence all day long.


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