Kodi Professional

In the market for professional manicure services, there are many materials that are produced by hundreds of different specialized manufacturing companies. The layman is not always able to guess the first time a reliable and inexpensive manufacturer with such a wide range, which often leads to poor quality results and other negative consequences. According to many satisfied consumers and nail artists, the relatively young brand based in the USA, Kodi professional, is one of the leaders and dynamically developing companies in this manicure service market.

What is Kodi professional, a brief description of the brand and its products

Kodi professional is a young brand from the USA that appeared on the market just a few years ago, but due to the high quality of products, as well as an extensive marketing policy and the use of modern customer service methods, it is rapidly gaining popularity in many countries around the world.

The company has its own interactive website, which includes an extensive catalog of all current products offered for sale by the brand, a description of each product with colorful and detailed photographs, technical characteristics, scope, as well as the necessary contact information, and other sections useful for each visitor, as a port inhabitant, and professionals. The site is presented in different languages, as this company positions itself as an international one and allows residents of almost all countries of the world to visit the Internet portal.

All products, tools, and cosmetics manufactured by the Kodi professional manufacturer undergo detailed regulatory tests that completely eliminate the risk of marriage, the use of toxins, allergens, modified additives, and other harmful components, as well as ingredients that do not meet quality standards. Successful completion of the tests allows the company to obtain an international certificate of conformity, ISO format.

The Kodi professional brand is unique in its kind and differs from most competitors by the presence of certain services, such as targeting each wholesale or retail client, extensive technical online or offline support for each of them, constant presentations of new products, organization of promotions, discount programs, as well as various training courses for many participants in this industry, on the correct use of sold products.

Kodi professional works only with authorized dealerships that undergo a detailed security check of the parent brand itself in order to obtain official distributor status. This significantly reduces the risk of fraudulent schemes and deception of customers, and also leads to an increase in the popularity of the outlet due to fixing dealer prices for each item.

Own consultants of outlets and online retailers undergo special training, receive the appropriate qualification certificates, and are always ready to help a potential customer in resolving the issue related to the description of the properties and features of the product, as well as in its acquisition.

The range of products sold by Kodi Professional

The manufacturing and trading company from the USA Kodi professional is focused on the manufacture and supply of both wholesale and retail customers with cosmetic products and various beauty products of the following categories, in accordance with the development trends of this market:

  • Organic means for covering nails during the provision of a manicure service – gel polishes, shellac polishes, and other high-quality products.
  • Scissors, pliers, cuticle cutters, limiters, spacers between fingers, UV lamps for drying nails, nail files with varying degrees of graininess, fabs, and other high-quality tools for performing high-quality professional manicures.
  • Acrylic false nails with different thickness, length, curvature, finish structure, and other parameters, as well as the necessary adhesive non-toxic environmentally friendly materials for their effective attachment to the customer’s nail plate.
  • Brushes and sponges for applying varnish, as well as preparatory materials for reliable laying of varnish and pigment compositions on the nail plates.
  • Battery-powered and mains-powered milling machines, cutter sets, spare parts, and other complete parts for deep processing of organic or artificial nail plates, for their further polishing and giving them the desired appearance.
  • Necessary organic materials, cosmetics, plastic parts, and tools for effective and high-quality eyebrow and eyelash extensions for the user.
  • High-tech machines, as well as basic consumables for a professional session of hardware cosmetology, applying masks and other moisturizing anti-aging products in an automated or mechanized mode.
  • A wide range of various cosmetics is used for make-up and for other purposes during preparation for any solemn event.
  • Moisturizing, toning, rejuvenating, cleansing, and other types of gels for the face, nails, skin, and other parts of the body.
  • Sets consisting of various cosmetics, tools, and equipment listed above, are in a gift box for any significant events.
  • Other professional tools allow you to make a high-quality durable and beautiful manicure or apply effective makeup without harming the health of the customer’s skin.

The above is far from a complete list of the main categories of goods that can be purchased at retail outlets and websites of online retailers since the brand’s own development and design department annually releases new types of products on the market that are in great demand, which requires a detailed studying catalog directly on the official website of an authorized dealer of the brand.

The advantage of working with an authorized dealer of the Kodi professional brand

  • The full range of products offered by the manufacturer in the catalogs of the retailer.
  • Long-term manufacturer’s and retailer’s warranty for each type of supplied original product.
  • A complete set of international certificates, which indicates the highest quality of the presented products.
  • Convenient interface for fast order storage, and well-thought-out international logistics.
  • Developed professional operational support service by professional consultants.
  • The rapid development of own networks of authorized dealers in many countries of the world is one of the best marketing policies among competitors.
  • Periodic release and presentation of innovative products, which are the company’s own developments.
  • A huge number of promotions, loyalty programs, and other ways to support both retail and wholesale customers.
  • The main plus of this Kodi professional enterprise is the use of only natural ingredients that never cause negative consequences for the health of the customer.

Thus, Kodi professional is gradually becoming one of the world market leaders in the production and sale of the most sought-after beauty products on the market, and the brand’s authority is increasing every month.