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Egirl Eyeliner: How to Apply Eyeliner on Egirl

When you think about applying eyeliner, a few basic techniques come to mind. You might think about drawing a line along your upper lash line or winging it and going with the flow. But what about Egirl? Egirl is a Japanese brand that specializes in cosmetics and skincare products. And guess what? Their eyeliners are some of the best on the market! This article will show you how to apply eyeliner on Egirl in four simple steps. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this guide will have you applying liner like a pro!

What is Egirl Eyeliner?

Eyeliner is one of the essential beauty products that you can own. It can make your eyes look bigger and brighter and can help you to create a more dramatic look for your face.

Today, we’ll teach you how to apply eyeliner on Egirl! First, prepare your eyeliner by loading it up with colour. Then, use a fine-tip brush to apply the liner to the lower lash line. Next, use a slightly thicker brush to fill gaps on the upper lash line. Finally, brush any excess liner off your eyes. Voilà! You’ve successfully applied eyeliner on Egirl!

How to Apply Egirl Eyeliner

Apply Egirl Eyeliner by following these simple steps:

  1. Wet your eyelid with water or an eye makeup remover.
  2. Apply the Egirl Eyeliner to your lower lash line.
  3. Hold the liner against the lash line and use your finger to smudge it into place.
  4. Apply the liner to the top and bottom lashes for a more intense look!

Types of Egirl Eyeliners

There are three types of Egirl eyeliners: liquid, pencil and crayon.

Liquid eyeliners are the most popular because they go on smoothly and come in various colours. They can be used to create a natural look or to add drama.

Pencil eyeliners are suitable for those who want a more precise line and are less messy than liquid liners.

Crayon eyeliners are ideal for those who want a bolder look. They can be challenging to apply, but the payoff is worth it!

Where Should You Apply Eyeliner on Egirl?

Eyeliner is one of the essential makeup tools for any woman. Whether you’re dressing up or down, adding a touch of eyeliner can help create that polished look. Here are a few tips on how to apply eyeliner on Egirl:

Precision is critical when applying eyeliner. Make sure to hold the brush at an angle, so the liner goes smoothly along your lash line.

Choose your colour carefully! Too light of colour will make your eyes look tired, and too dark could make you look like you’ve been in a fight.

Start by lining your upper waterline with the darkest colour, making sure not to hit your lower lash line. Next, go up one shade lighter and line the top of your lower waterline. Finish off with a light brushstroke above your upper waterline and below your lower lash line for an intense finish.

Tools & Brushes to Use

Eyeliner is the perfect finishing touch for any eye makeup look. Whether a beginner or a pro, there are many tools and brushes to choose from when applying eyeliner. Here are some of the best options for using eyeliner on Egirl:

Eyeliner Brush: This brush is round and has a pointy end that helps you draw a thin line of liner along your lash line.

Eyeliner Pencil: This pencil comes in many colours and thicknesses, making it ideal for precise application.

Eyeliner Smudge Brush: This brush is designed to help you create a smoky eye look by blending your liner across the entire lid.

Liquid Eyeliner: This type of eyeliner is available in many shades and can easily blend with your finger or a brush.

Types of Eyeliner & Benefits

Eyeliner is one of the most popular beauty products available on the market, and for a good reason. It can add definition to your eyes, create a more striking look, or simply make them appear larger. There are many different types of eyeliner, each with its unique benefits and applications. Today we will discuss some of the most popular types and their respective uses.

Powder eyeliners are perfect for those who want an easy and go-to application. They are applied with a brush or your fingertips and are perfect for creating a natural look. Powders come in many colours and shades, so you can find one that perfectly suits your skin tone.

Liquid eyeliners are probably the most popular on the market today. They come in many colours and formulations, but all share one common goal: to be easy to apply and stay put all day long. Liquid liners are more expensive than powders, but they also give you more control over how tight or dramatic you want your line to look.

Pencil eyeliners offer a classic look that is versatile enough for any occasion. They can be used wet or dry, which makes them great for on-the-go styling – just throw them in your bag, and you’re good to go! Pencils also come in many different formulations – from waterproof to smudge-proof – so there’s something for everyone.

Where to Find the Best Deal on Egirl

If you’re looking for the best deal on Egirl eyeliner, our top picks are worth checking out! All of our recommended formulas are below, starting at just $6.99 per tube!

Our first pick is the Retro Matte Eyeliner in Black. This creamy formula is perfect for creating a smoky eye look, and it comes in a handy 0.04 oz size for on-the-go application.

Next up is the Ultra Fine Eye Liner in Blue Lagoon. This soft blue hue is perfect for adding depth and intensity to your eyes, and it also comes in a handy 0.04 oz size for easy portability.

Last but not least, we have the Liquid Liner in Midnight Brown. This rich black colour will create intense liner lines that will last all night long! Plus, this formula is available in a 0.03 oz size for even more convenience.

How to Remove Eyeliner from Egirl

You need to take a few steps to remove eyeliner from Egirl. First, use your fingers to gently rub the liner off the bottom lash line and above the water line. Next, blot your eyes with a tissue and use another finger to pull the liner off of your eye gently. Finally, use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover to eliminate all liner traces.

Tips and Tricks 

Eyeliner is one of the most versatile and essential makeup tools. If you want to create a dramatic eye look or add a touch of colour, eyeliner can do the trick. Here are some tips and tricks for applying eyeliner on Egirl:

  1. Start by lining your upper lash line with a thin line, using the tiniest brush possible. Be sure to hold your eyeliner in place for maximum effect.
  2. To create a thicker line, use a larger brush and apply it to multiple lines above the first one.
  3. Try drawing it lightly across your lower lash line instead of going up to make your liner look more natural.
  4. For an even more dramatic look, draw a thick line above your lower lashes and use a black or brown pencil to darken it further.


Eyeliner is one of the essential makeup tools for many women. Whether you’re going out on a date or just want to look put-together at work, having eyeliner can make all the difference. This tutorial will show you how to apply eyeliner using Egirl’s Eye Liner Brush and Eyeliner Pencil. This brush makes it easy to create fine lines, while the pencil provides a thicker line for more dramatic looks. Practice before applying your final product to achieve the perfect results every time!