Testing Vassoul Magnetic Eyelashes And Eyeliner Kit

Vassoul magnetic eyelash and eyeliner kit costs about eight dollars online and the value is definitely there.

You get five different pairs of magnetic lashes, two tubes of the magnetic eyeliner and an eyelash applicator.

How do you apply them? Well, it’s very simple: all you got to do is put one on the top and then one of them on the bottom and it clicks.

The VASSOUL Dual Magnetic Eyelashes with Applicator gives you bang for your buck. So before applying the magnetic eyeliner, my favorite trick is creating the eyeliner. Try creating a little bit of a wing for a start.

The one downside is that the liner is never clear, so you do have to have some type of eyeliner look and your eyeliner needs to be thick enough for the magnets to have space to attach.

Best is to apply thick winged liner when wearing magnetic lashes and curl the lashes so that they blend into the falsies better. I do usually reuse my magnetic lashes over and over again, more so than normal lashes.

I don’t like dunking them up with a lot of product like mascara residue, but I will add just the thinnest layer possible to my natural lashes, just to sort of separate them and darken them up.

This will also help them hold their curl. So they don’t droop underneath the magnetic lashes throughout the day. Included in the set is a magnetic liquid liner.

I’m, really glad that this comes with a liquid liner over a gel one, because it’s gonna be so much easier to apply.

Just what I’m used to, especially because it comes in a brush form. Actually, this liquid liner looks on the thinner side.

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Trimming magnetic lashes is tricky because you need to have a magnet on either end of the lash, so there was only really one spot.

It’s probably not smart of them to make this applicator in metal form because the lash always stick to the applicator.

Once it’s attached, you feel really secure. Actually something else that I’m noticing, unlike the Ardo eyeliner, which is inherently thicker as a gel, this blends in really well with the eyeliner.

The brush applicator makes it really easy to get precise. I’m letting the liner completely dry before I apply the lash just so that way again it doesn’t gunk up this time.

So, according to the packaging, these are supposed to be waterproof, or at least the eyeliner is so I’m going to be doing a wear test and see how these hold up as I perspire on my cycling routine.

It has been seven and a half hours since I put these lashes on and they still look amazing. I only had one teeny tiny issue and that’s totally my fault.

I totally forgot that the wet and wild liner I used under the magnetic liner is not sweat proof at all.

So when that started to wear off in my inner tear-duct, it disturbed the magnetic liner in that area as well.

So that’s pretty much my fault and if you do use the liner layering technique then you’re definitely gonna want to use a long-lasting eyeliner underneath the magnetic one to make it stay all day.

After my cycling workout, I really don’t have anything bad to say about these magnetic lashes.

To remove the magnetic eyelashes is super easy. After removing it, all you need to do is wipe the liquid eyeliner with a wet towel and it won’t harm your skin in any way.

Bottom line: They give you such a good bang for your buck and the fact is they look just as full and fluffy as my Moxie lash lashes at a fraction of the price, plus they are synthetic and not too shimmering.

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