Maybelline Waterproof Colossal 16 Hours Intense Kajal Eyeliner

Kajal eyeliner was used by ancient Egyptians as a beauty aid, but also to avoid or soothe eye infections and shield the eyes from the powerful desert sun. It was later used by the Arabs, Berbers and in India as well.

The Maybeline Colossal Kajal eyeliner gives other smokey eyeshadow palettes a run for the money. It lasts up to 16 hours, no smudge, waterproof, ophthalmologist tested and suitable for contact lens users.

If you have oily eyelids, then make sure to powder them really well before applying. The Kajal eyeliner from Maybelline will not irritate or sting your eyes and comfortable to wear.

The texture is soft and it did not lead to any tugging or pulling. The new Maybelline colossal Kajal is much more blacker as compared to other brands.

Since the texture is creamy, it takes time to settle down, you can use it as a base to create smokey eye look. It comes in a pencil form and it glides smoothly.

The cap closes tightly and securely which makes it travel friendly. You get intense black color, but with short, multiple strokes, you can build up more intensity.

Start off by first applying on your waterline and your lower lash line. Since the product is soft and creamy in texture, the application becomes easy.

How To Apply Kajal Eyeliner

Line the upper and lower lash line, then use a brush to smudge the rough edges out and eyeshadow it to top it off. Using it on occasion. Make sure it’s not getting inside your eyes. Don’t leave it for the entire day.

You can go for a more dramatic smoky eye with intense black, depending on the look you’re aiming for, or you can easy for a straightforward everyday look.

Now for that matte finish, choose a non glossy lipstick with a dark shade. Now if you want to go a little overboard with your look, apply some brown eyeshadow as well.

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