HONEST REVIEW: Maybelline Master Precise Liquid EyeLiner – Should You Buy It?

So today we’re, going to be checking out the new Maybelline Master precise curvy liquid eyeliner. I thought this must be a very popular eyeliner or it’s been the craze or something that I’ve missed, so I bought it a year ago and I really liked it.

It’s all about the special little tip and its basically supposed to help you kind of achieve either very thin line or a very bold line, just by switching the direction of the way that you’re holding the liner.

It says that this eyeliner gives smooth precise lines, never dries, never skips and no mess, in their commercial advertisement. This is a liquid liner and I really not sure what to expect with this.

So, according to these instructions, it says that you apply sideways for generous curvy lines and use the tip of the master precise curvy to trace a flick and that’s about it. Although overall, I do have to say the color looks pretty nice.

This is my first time trying it, so not bad for a first attempt. I didn’t quite like it, because this is such a stiff tip. It kind of makes it difficult to get that nice smooth fluid movement that helps you get that really sharp winged liner look going.

I’m gonna be comparing this eyeliner with my main eyeliner that I use which is the NYX Cosmetics liquid black eyeliner. So I’m first gonna focus on the tip of the liner, because that is the most important into getting that full on winged eyeliner.

Unfortunately, this was not the liquid liner that changed my mind. I had a sneaking suspicion it was going to be a little bit stiffer and a little bit harder for me to work with.

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