Best Fashionable Circle Lenses For Bigger Eyes

It is important to note that you can’t imitate someone’s wearing colored eye contacts. This is because circle lenses blend with the eye color and shape to make them totally stunning.

For example, if you have dark brown eyes and use translucent blue contacts, the blend would present a grayish blue or muddy blue color.

However, if you want a striking contrast color to include with your makeup for brown eyes, consider bright and opaque colored contacts for bigger and brighter peepers.

Bright and opaque color lenses have strong pigments and are double tinted, which makes it possible for them to completely conceal your natural eye makeup looks.

Bright, opaque, and semi-opaque are the best Circle lenses to incorporate into your eye makeup routine, especially if you want to switch to a different eye color look.

Due to their higher pigmentation, they can change the appearance of your makeup for brown eyes to lightest blue or green and make them look stunning in any occasion.


If you have a tanned or dark skin, what befit you are bright colored Circle lenses – colors that would make your eyes glow more than your skin.

Most woman with brown skin usually choose grey, honey or hazel color contacts. Though, we do not recommend blues contacts like aqua/turquoise as they don’t always pair well with makeup looks for dark skin.

If you have a light tone brown skin, choose opaque colored contacts that complement your skin color to give you the most gorgeous look.

Normally, woman with light skin tones would have natural honey or brown hues eye color.

So, they should avoid bright colored contacts like green or blue contacts, these give them a rather unnatural look.

But if you have medium skin tone, include grey, green, hazel, and brown.

For neutrals like grey or brown Circle lenses, ensure that their shades are slightly different from your eye shadow in order to make your iris pop.


Depending on our skin tone, green colored contacts are very attractive and would serve you the best way possible.

Therefore, green or hazel contacts for dark brown eyes are fabulous.

These types of contacts would make your peepers look more attractive without suppressing the color of your eyes.

You can also play around with various colors like honey, hazel, and beige Circle lenses. These contacts would help lighten up your natural eye color without making you look too over done.

However, whichever shade you choose, ensure that they complement your style. You should not only focus on your eye color and skin tone, but also your hair color, and the clothing and makeup that you apply.

Keep in mind, your overall appearance needs to complementing your stunning makeup for brown skin.

Choosing the best colored Circle lenses, you may need a bit of experimentation to find the best colored contacts for brown eyes.


Gray Contacts

  • In case you don’t want to totally change your eye color, but wants to add a little enhancement to your makeup looks, then this colored contacts may be the best option for you.
  • Irrespective of the shade of brown eyes, gray contacts would pretty much look great on them. Moreover, gray contacts complement almost all hair colors and skin tones as well.

Blue Contacts

  • This is best for those who naturally have brown eyes but desire to create baby blue eyes. Blue colored contacts are actually one of the best non-prescription colored contacts for brown eyes.
  • However, the outcome depends on how opaque the lens and how dark your natural iris are.
  • For instance, if you wear light blue Circle lenses on your “dark shade of brown” iris, your eye will have a dark blue-brown appearance. Whereas, if you wear a bright blue contact lens on your “lighter shade of brown” iris, your eye will have a sea-blue appearance
  • Wearing baby-blue contacts on light brown irises gives you a similar look to Taylor Swift’s eyes, which goes perfectly well with non glossy red lipstick.

Green Contacts

  • This is another best colored contacts for brown eyes, especially if you wish to have an alluring, mysterious look.
  • Green contacts give a very natural look on brown eyes because almost all green contacts have specks of beige or yellow, which gives a smooth transition.



If you have friends with astigmatism, here’s something helpful that you might like to share. Colored Toric contact lenses are the best choice for people with astigmatism as they are made for super clear vision for wearer.

These lens are flexible in shape and contours best for specialize (irregular eye shape) eyes needs, providing sharp vision as well as correct this cornea issue.

Although, these colored lenses are not cheap, they do provide comfort to your eyes. There is a wide range of colored Toric contact lenses but ensure that they fit snugly and not slip which will effect your vision clarity.

When choosing colored lenses for brown skin, a bit of “trial and error” is always helpful to help decide which colored contact lenses would look best on you.

Knowing the above will help transform your appearance in an instant. Choosing the best colored contacts to match your makeup for brown eyes, you can always flaunt a new look every day!