Best Eye Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes To Make Them Pop

Makeup looks for brown eyes can be in a form of many palettes and experimenting with different shades is vital to finding the makeup looks that relates best to your hair and skin color.

Women with brown eyes have dark unique looks but under bright lights, they appear to have honey tone color that tend to make their face glow.

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My best eyeshadow looks for brown eyes and brown hair is green. For me, any green shade will do the job but I favor a light green over dark green.

If your eyes are dark brown, try using a blue bright color like cobalt or royal blue and use purple for eyes that have flecks of hazel in the eye.

How do you make brown eyes pop with natural makeup

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Natural makeup for brown eyes can make you look stunning all day long. It’s minimal and effortless to put together.

Smokey eye makeup for brown eyes are one of the best choices. Create a lighter shade for a elegant and formal look that will fit any occasion.

Tie up hairstyle with simple ear rings will pretty much make your glazing dark eyes stand out.

Ensure that you use soft shades on eyebrows that are lighter than the look of your natural eye color.

One of the tricks is to use tinted brow gel after brushing (upwards & outwards) and defining your archers for long-wearing.

The simplest way to improve your natural makeup for brown eyes without looking overly done is using a a tiny touch of concealer under your peepers and eyelids.

Wear brown or black mascara on your lashes. Put on some impartial gloss on lip to create a not so heavy look.

Other shadow shades to consider for ideal makeup looks for brown eyes are gold, purple, blue, black, gold for a hot smokey eye.

For natural eye makeup looks, keeping it plain using black shadow on the lid, brown on the crease and blend together will make a simple but gorgeous smokey eye for brown eyes as well.

How do you apply eyeliner to brown eyes

It is vital to use eyeliner pencil to improve the shape of the eyes with blue or violet colors.

If you want to use eyeliner for your brown eyes for a retro look, use a white liner pencil and line the waterline.

  • To make your eyes look bigger and lifted, apply black or natural brown color on upper lash-line and waterline.
  • Use a liquid liner in black or black pencil to line underneath the waterline, making sure to spread the line all the way to the corner of your eyes to make an almond shape.
  • Use a strong color such as shimmer powder shadow in light pink or blue on the lid.

What color hair looks best with brown eyes

Dark long hair especially brown colors make your brown peepers really pop up.

A stunning dimension of caramel highlighting pretty much provide a lighter hue to complement your makeup for brown eyes and brown hair.

“The brunette shade of hair has a multicolor and tonal dimension to complement those with more of the lighter olive to fair skin colors.”

Celebrity hairstylist  Matt Rez from Meche Salon

You can also try the trendy Half up Half down hairstyle which is popular at the moment. But it’s best you give it a try and decide on the best match.

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I know some of our readers who are not so comfortable with our eye makeup tutorial using lash extension because they do not have long natural lashes. In this case:-

I suggest using a touch of mascara. You can achieve that minimal natural makeup for brown eyes with just berry-color lipstick or Korean lip tint which are soothing, light and long-wearing.

Natural Looking Eyelash Extension

natural makeup for brown eyes

Want to enhance your face to look more attractive in appearance! try eyelash extension with your newly created makeup looks for your brown eyes. It work wonders without mascara too.

Leaving it on overnight and cuts down on prep time in the morning is so stress-free.

Whether you are going on a beach vacation or a sunny day out, surely lash extensions are here to make you look stunning.

Lash Lifting Kit is a must-try lash kit with high-quality ingredients and produce stunning results. The Vassoul Lash Lift Kit provides you with natural looking lashes and can last for at least a month.

If you are looking for simple to use lash extension for the first time, you can try the beginner’s kit with easy to apply tools for beautiful long lasting lashes.

If your eyebrows are defined, pick the right amount of brow essentials to fill, shape and groom your arches.

For sparse (thin) brows, use brow pencil for filling and shaping or apply brow gel in rich brown with a Spoolie brow brush to add volume.

Precise contoured eyebrows (tattoo) is gaining popularity now but this trend may be a thing of the past over the years. It may even leave you with a permanent pigmented mess later.

However, there is this Microblading method in which the pigment is thicker and not permanent. Meaning, changing your brows shape is much simpler.

Natural makeup for brown eyes is pretty much an ingenious way of looking fresh all day and creates a magical appeal which cannot be ignored.

It can be stunning and sophisticated in various ways if applied in a proper manner.

Whether you opt for our easy to apply eye makeup tutorial or any hair color to match your newly-styled makeup looks for brown eyes, a natural elegant look will always rock your presence everywhere you go.


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