Glitter Eyeshadow Looks for Brown and Blue Eyes

glitter eyeshadow

With the help of our makeup artist friend, here’s how to add glitter eyeshadow to your looks and make it shine. Before you get started, always choose fine shimmer powder or cream to highlight tiny areas such as the inner corner s or the center of the eyelids.

Try applying it damp for a more subtle foil effect OR apply with a thin brush in a fine line over your usual eyeliner. On lips, keep glimmer sheer and only place in the center of your lips, not the edges as it can bleed.

For nails, there are no rules; go as glittery as you like.


Brown eyes woman are a godsend. These beautiful divine eyes can pull off almost any dark sparkly colored eyeshadow. I have come to find that bronze and golden shades look utterly stunning when applied on brown eyes.

There’s just a different worldly charm to look into brown eyes with beautiful metallic sparkles on them. Any dark or bright colors would look incredible with natural brown eyes. You can always try out warm and cool hues though and see what works best for you.

Press glitter shadow is something which can bring life on to any kind of regular makeup. However, loose glitter can be very messy. This is where press glitter shadow tend to make your eye stand out and draw attention to your peepers.

Press glitter eyeshadow come in small, round, quarter sized containers which comprises glitter mixed with other stuffs. You can buy them in powder or cream form as well as create your own DIY recipe too.

This mixture makes the loose glitter stick together in a neat and clean manner without causing any unnecessary spillage. It makes it so much easier to apply glitter eyeshadow instead of loose glitter, which does not have pigmented shadow mix.

Whether you choose a beautiful, bright golden shade of glitter or a darker, deeper shade for your brown eyes, press glitter is the best option. This type of glitter stays on your eyelids for a long time without any spillage or mess.


The charm of looking into blue eyes is simply irresistible. Blue eyes can make you look totally angelic without even trying. Of course, when you complement these beautiful blue eyes with some glitter eyeshadow, it can look even more stunning than you can imagine.

Pigment eyeshadow basically comes in powder form and much easier to apply. As soon as an ingredient called ‘binder’ is added to it, the formula appears more profound with only a small amount applied and can add depth to your eye makeup look.

Blue eyes are light colored beauties which deserve to be adorned by bright, beautiful shadow color shades. This kind of eyeshadow is the best option for blue eyes as it gives the eyeshadow a bright and shimmery looks.

Best eyeshadow palette for blue eyes
Ask any makeup artist and they will tell you that orange, bronze and coral hues on your blue eyes will make you look more vibrant and simply stand out amongst the crowd.

When you are looking for a more subtle shimmer look, it would be best to opt for neutrals and darker sparkly shades. The dark sparkles with the contrast of your blue eyes have an out of this world effect which is pretty much alluring.

Rich purple shades can bring out your blue eyes like no other, and if you can pair it up with subtle makeup and nude lips, you can pull this off with absolutely no hassle.

The main thing to remember, regardless of your eye color, is that when you are looking for a glamor look, the main focus should be on your eyes and nowhere else. Pairing up a glitter eyeshadow makeup with fancy bold lips and super heavy facial makeup can make you looked overdressed, which is something you want to avoid.

An everyday boring makeup looks can look instantly more sexy and stunning with some glittery eyeshadow. Adding this into your routine for any occasion that pops up can be a good thing in hand.

Here’s a helpful resource. Check it out:
Professional Eyeshadow Makeup

Experiment with colors to find something that looks stunning on your peepers. Opt for a great primer and a makeup sealant to complete your makeup routine as to avoid ruining your awesome glitter eyeshadow looks during the course of the day.

With all the hen-pick kitty I have added above, you should be good to go and flaunt your makeup gracefully. Share with your friends and do let me know if above article about glitter eyeshadow looks is valuable enough for you.

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