5 Best Outfits to Wear at the Pride Parade 2022

Pride month is coming soon, and you want to be ready for the Pride Parade of 2022. There are many options for what you can wear, so if you want to be sure to stand out, here are some great outfits you can wear for the 2022 Pride Parade:

Go casual

Don’t worry about it if you don’t have time or money to go big or go home with this year’s pride parade. Wear shorts with one of your favorite pride shirts, and you’re as ready as most people who will be attending the march. Because it’s summertime and the weather will be pretty warm, wear what feels the most comfortable for this year’s Pride Parade.

Pro tip: Make sure that you’re wearing comfortable shoes since most parades will have you walking for a while, and you want to focus on enjoying the festivities and not on how much your feet hurt.

Dress in drag

On the flip side, if you want to go big and stand out, you can wear drag as you usually would. If you’re not a drag queen or king, this isn’t the time to pick it as an outfit. However, if you love expressing yourself in this way and want to enjoy an experience in drag, the pride parade could be the ideal time.

However, if you’re not an expert high-heel user, consider saving drag for a night at the club so that you can avoid all the walking.

Wear a swimsuit

It’s going to be hot, that’s for sure. June is when the summer starts warming up, so if you want to make sure you stay comfortable and fresh throughout the day, why not dress in your favorite two-piece or swim brief to show off what you’ve got.

Make it rainbow-themed if you want, or don’t if you’d rather express yourself in a different way. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and use a fanny pack to keep your essentials in. Ensure you also stay hydrated, queen.

Accessorize big time

Wear whatever you want and then go big with your accessories. From rainbow fringe arm sleeves to a big, colorful full lace wig, you can wear whatever you want and make your pride statement with easy-to-find accessories that help you show off your pride loud and clear for all to see.

Even a fanny pack can be an excellent accessory for the pride parade, plus it’s extremely useful since you’ll be walking for miles. You can use your fanny pack to store all of your essentials.

Go 80s themed

The 80s were outrageous, honey! Let’s bring this iconic decade back with our Pride outfit this year. Whether you use rainbow leotards or simply wear your hair big and beautiful, there are so many ways to incorporate the 80s into your pride parade outfit this year. While you’re at it, add a tutu to that leotard for a cute look you’ll be proud to flaunt.

There’s just something about the boldness of 80s makeup trends. It was also a critical decade for the world of LGBTQ.

In Conclusion

The pride parade is an excellent opportunity to elevate your style with fun accessories and colorful, vibrant outfits. However, don’t forget to remain comfortable so that you can participate in the excitement and vibes this event has to offer. Overall, ensure that your outfit represents who you are in the best way possible. Don’t forget that you’re in control of how you want to dress for Pride. Go big or stay casual—it’s all up to you. Just make sure to have fun!