Makeup Trends That Will Take Over 2023

As time is passing, the year is coming to its end. Currently, the New Year isn’t the only thing waving around the world. There is much more than that such as the new trends of 2023 including cosmetics. This is a great time of the year to predict things that are going to be trendy.

Taking back a look at 2022, this is certified that cosmetics will be a huge deal in the coming year. Beauty comes first for every person. Needless to state, these trends will include fairness, bold blush, glassy highlighted cheekbones, and bleached brows. This year is going to be the most fascinating one and hopefully, it will be a year of maximalism makeup in terms of graphics and pigments, etc. Some time ago during the pandemic, the term arose around the world less-is-more beauty, and it was a comeback for colour Cosmetic Boxes.

In 2022, makeup trends have been different as compared to old ones or upcoming ones. It was more about opening themselves to the realms of creativity and can also say that more colours and graphic makeup were discovered. 2023 is going to be a different year in case of makeup trends. This will be filled with dramatic looks and full-coverage foundations.

Breathable Foundations:

Moving on to the next year, many things will be left behind, but some things can never change due to the change of time. In the case of makeup trends, one thing that we can take to next year must be the foundations that let the skin breathe at least. Moisturizers do work but when foundations are applied, they block the skin from breathing which causes damage to the skin in the form of acne, dead skin, scars, etc.

Moreover, it is considered that the foundations might not suit that sort of skin, but one should never forget that skin needs to breathe. Amazingly, this trend can be taken to 2023 with us. Breathable foundations look and feel smooth and acne-free. Focusing on skincare, full-coverage foundations have held the backseat. It will result in sheer coverage and skin will have some side effects but in return, skincare benefits will be delivered.

Glam All Over:

Glam is always trendy but sometimes, it becomes much heavier than it should be. We must be grateful for the Euphoria to again introduce rhinestones and pearls to us. This will add glam to our lives with the sparkling effect of it. Even though famous personalities or celebrities do wear such glam all over to enhance their beauty will add spark to their body. In that case, some might think that such sort of makeup gives a bit more glam as required but whatever, the thing that looks good, looks good. This trend will step in 2023 as well to keep the world shining and sparking. This sparkling effect will enhance the beauty to the top and instantly bling into everyone’s eye which will surely stand out as the best one.

Bleached Brows:

When it comes to brows, many shapes are famous around celebrities and work for parties. But here is a term for bleached brows, one might get confused due to the bleach word used here, but never judge something by its cover. A popular celebrity, Kendall Jenner is most famous for her bleached brows look, it looks obscene but chic. It becomes a highlight to the face but might get an emphasis point. Bleached brows are a fashionable vibey persona that looks stylish as well as gets a dirty appearance for some people. One should know their face type and think carefully if it will suit them. The easy way to add a bleached brow look is to cover them with concealer and blend well.

Blur Lips:


Due to famous celebrities in Korea, there are times when blur lips have become a huge rage everywhere. Korean makeup is so subtle and admired that every other person wants to try it at least once. Blur lips get huge popularity due to its natural look; the lip colour is applied in the centre and glass applied over the lips to make a blurry allusion.

Glassy Classy Highlight:

Sparkling looks to the face work great for some people whereas some become a crown. This is said that you should wear makeup based on your skin type and facial structure, which is TRUE. Cheekbone, a main spot to highlight, must be visible and glamorous as much as possible. 2023 will take over many trends which may include the old ones as well but as the year is new, time is new, everything’s new.


Highlighting the bones becomes more appealing to the eyes and a glassy highlight is just damn perfect. Even though these bones are considered beautiful bones, people don’t let that cover them. Moreover, people diet to get their bones visible to appear more classy and charming. For those who don’t really know, it is just a cream highlighter to apply on the temples to the orbital bone. It reflects and adds a glassy glow to the beauty, it might be assumed a beauty enhancer.

Yay Y2K:


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Not so long ago, Yay Y2K made a comeback, and everyone thought that it was gone this time. However, with 2023, it’s coming back with a full bang. This trend is known for its vibrant colours and shimmers, so you can show off your creativity. In addition, it can be paired with nude brown lips that we all love, or you can pair it up with shimmery blue eyeshadows. The only drawback of this trend is the skinny eyebrows, but we all can ignore that, right?

Statement Pinks:

For the longest time, women have felt bad about liking pink because it was too feminine, but Valentino changed the narrative by adding pink hues to our life. Therefore, it’s time to add vibrant and popping pink into your makeup, ranging from graphic eyeliner to neon eyeshadows. In fact, you will love playing with the pink blush, so experiment with the colours!