Things To Consider for Cosmetic Packaging

If there is one thing that the majority of people can’t live without, excluding the essentials of life is cosmetic products. When we say cosmetic products, we don’t only mean makeup; we are talking about all cosmetic products. It can be a soap, shampoo, perfume, etc. The cosmetic industry has to be one of the oldest industries in the world, if not the oldest, and this industry is worth about $550 Billion and is increasing at the rate of 6.6% CAGR.

This number is crazy, but what is even crazier in this space is the competition; this industry is getting fierce with every passing second because the graph of this industry is always going high, and the demand for cosmetic products is always high. This industry is brand dominant, and the big boys like Nivea, L’Oreal, Johnson’s, and others don’t let their competition breathe properly, but this doesn’t mean a new brand can’t become popular because we have seen many such cases, but most of the new brands have failed.

Now the difference between both the successful and failed brands weren’t always the product if we believe the stats, but what happened to the brands that failed was that they couldn’t gain attention from buyers in the market and weren’t able to make that first impression that plays a big role. The product packaging isn’t like it always used to be because it now holds great importance for customers and brands.

This first impression is created by amazing cosmetic packaging, and in this blog, we will tell you the questions you need to ask before finalizing the product packaging. If that sounds interesting, then let’s hop into it.

What Are You Shipping? 

This industry is full of products, and there are hundreds of niches that all have different SOPs. Every product has different requirements that need to be met. Before you finalize your packaging, you have to know about your product and know about the challenges it can face while getting delivers from one place to another.

Let’s take a liquid product like a serum for an example, there is a high risk of such cosmetics facing a leakage, and it requires packaging that can be sealed to its limits, so it doesn’t happen. If your brand is selling heavy products, then you might need packaging material that is the sturdiest material available in the market, so know about your product and care about your delivery packages because most people prefer to buy online, and your product can face different challenges.

What Shipping Service Are You Using? 

The next thing you need to consider or reconsider is the after-shipping material is the shipping company you are working through. Even the best packaging materials can get ruined if not handled properly or if you use a cheap shipping company. Every product has different requirements for packaging to minimize the risk of the product being damaged, and the same goes for shipping companies.

Prefer shipping companies that have a standard of packaging that needs to be met if you want to use their services because the record of such companies is always good, and you will get a sense of safety while using such shipping companies.

Is The Product Fragile? 

The third thing that needs to be considered for cosmetic product packaging is the product. Not many products in this niche are fragile, but they exist and need to be taken proper care of. Products like perfume, nail polish, or serums are just a few examples of fragile products, and these products don’t only need external packaging but also need internal padding that ensures that your product stays in one place and doesn’t face any extra pressure from the outside force.

Some companies just put on a sticker that this package contains fragile products, while other shipping companies have a proper standard for such products to avoid any mishap; we recommend that you go with such companies.

What Is the Ideal Box Size? 

The size of your cosmetic boxes is more important than most people think because this also is important not only in the shipping process but also in the displaying process. The box can’t be big, or the customer will think that they didn’t get value for money, and the chances of your product getting damaged get higher because the product gets tossed around a lot while getting delivered.

On the other hand, if the box is too small, then it will face a lot of pressure because the package can be under immense pressure while getting delivered, so you should get in touch with your packaging manufacturer and tell them the exact dimensions of your product so that they can come up with the perfect size for your product. Because no matter how much the packaging industry revolutionizes, the primary purpose will remain the same, and that is to keep the product safe.