Transform Your Look With a Silver Chain

Have you been bored by your look? You put an outfit on from your wardrobe that you used to love. It was your go-to outfit, and it was easy to put on without having to think much about what to wear. However, you look in the mirror and feel that your go-to outfit is getting old. You think to yourself that you need to get a new outfit and fresh clothes in your wardrobe. But what if you didn’t have to get new clothes to transform your look? What if you could give your current favorite outfits a facelift? An easy way to transform your look is to add a silver chain to your outfits. A silver chain can add newness to your outfit without having to get a new outfit altogether. There are several ways to add a silver chain to your wardrobe that can transform your look completely.

The Cuban Chain

The Cuban chain is one of the most well known men’s chains out there today. Making its way in the early 1970s through the hip hop industry, the Cuban chain has gained steam and has moved across the globe. It has the classic look of confidence, and comes in a variety of thicknesses and lengths. You can either go more bold with an eight-millimeter or 12 millimeter, or tone it down with a four-millimeter silver chain. The timeless look of the Cuban chain gives your outfit the boost of confidence it needed to come back to life.

Silver Chain With a Pendant

Another way to transform your look is to have a silver chain with a pendant. A pendant is a great way to take your look to the next level and also wear something that shows off your style. A compass pendant can add your love for new places and adventures to your outfit. Show the world your love for traveling and living a life following your own compass. Or you could try a wolf pendant that gives off the vibe of a go-getter who cannot be tamed. A pendant adds more to the chain that can help complete a look and allow your silver chain to be more noticable. This is especially helpful if you are wearing bulky clothing or layered clothing. If faith is important to you, you can try a St. Christopher pendant that reminds you of the protection from your saint. The nice thing about a silver chain with a pendant is that you have two different looks you can choose from. You can wear the pendant hanging on your chain, or you can take the pendant off for a day if you just want to simply rock a silver chain with your outfit. There are endless amounts of pendant to choose from. Some other examples are:

  • An arrow pendant
  • A north star pendant
  • A lion pendant
  • A crucifix pendant 
  • A wing pendant

Go For the Layers

You don’t have to choose between one silver chain and a pendant. You can also layer your silver chains to show off your favorites and add another dimension to your look. You can layer thinner chains with thicker chains, and also vary the length. You can also layer a few pendants if you choose. Depending on what you are wearing, your layers don’t ever have to look the same. One day you can wear a thicker Cuban chain with another chain holding a pendant. The next day you might layer three chains all around similar thickness but have different textures and styles. This is a great way to keep your look fresh and unpredictable.

Style Your Chain With Other Pieces

If you want to add a little more to your silver chains, you can try matching them with other pieces of jewelry. For example, you could get a silver chain with a matching bracelet to streamline your look. You can also add earrings into the mix. You can try a silver chain with some silver earrings that have wings or crosses on them. Try adding a few men’s rings to really show up to the scene looking your best. If your chain and bracelet are more basic, try getting a ring that is more of a statement piece. If you have a lot of layering happening with your silver chains and pendants, try more simple rings to not take away from the masterpiece you have going on around your neckline. Adding other pieces to your silver chain can elevate your look and transform your outfits. Changing up your pieces is a great way to give variety to your wardrobe and bring it back to life. 

The New Look

Adding a silver chain to your usual wardrobe can transform your look. Adding new and fresh pieces to your existing outfits can refresh your style without having to go and buy all new clothes. You can try just one silver chain or you can try adding a pendant. You can even layer multiple chains and add some other jewelry pieces to the mix. With all of the possibilities, you will never run out of options for a silver chain.