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White Pearl Soap: Pros and Cons

Saponification, a wholly natural process, is used to make true soap just like white pearl soap. When oils, waxes, or butter are combined with sodium hydroxide, a chemical reaction takes place, resulting in soap. Natural glycerin is formed and retained in the soap as a result of saponification, making homemade …

Discover the Top Spring Trends in Nail Art

Spring is in full force and it is reminding us of all the different things we are grateful for. That includes the new beauty routine of upgrading our nail art. With the extra sunshine and freshly bloomed flowers, this is the season to really have fun with vibrant nail colors …

7 Ways to Use Concealer for Under Eye Bags

If you spend the night tossing and turning or in and out of sleep, you may have woken up with some unwanted eye bags. While this is never ideal, we fortunately have the luxury of concealer to help us out. So if you have any pesky under eye circles that …

Transform Your Look With a Silver Chain

Have you been bored by your look? You put an outfit on from your wardrobe that you used to love. It was your go-to outfit, and it was easy to put on without having to think much about what to wear. However, you look in the mirror and feel that …

How To Elevate Your Style At Music Festivals

Going to a music festival can be a right of passage for music lovers. Most college students consider Spring to be prime time for attending music festivals. Music festivals have also become a hot spot for fashion trends. Everyone is trying to come up with a unique fit to reflect …

Bandage Dress: The Most Popular Choice Among Women

For many years, there has been no replacement for the bandage dress. It is the most popular women’s clothing option. Bandage dresses are ideal for a variety of occasions, including night outs, get-togethers, shopping, dating, and so on. For all fashionistas, this is the finest attire. Continue reading to learn …