4 Tips for Wearing Makeup with Glasses

If you like to wear makeup with your glasses, the right mascara or eyeshadow can help accentuate your eyewear. Along with your favorite blush or cheek color, an attractive pair of frames also enhances your features and face shape. To be sure you’re getting your best look, read through the following tips. We’ll help you combine your love for beauty with the most stylish and effective glasses styles for your needs. A combination of trendy glasses and classic makeup choices will give you a look that stands out in person and in pictures.

  1. Groom Your Eyebrows

When you’re wearing the perfect pair of glasses for your face, the top of your frames will follow your natural brow line. While they’re sure to flatter your appearance, your specs will draw attention to this area. This is the reason why it’s best to keep your eyebrows neat and well-groomed while you’re wearing glasses.

As a makeup enthusiast, grooming your eyebrows will provide an excellent foundation for beautiful makeup. When they appear defined and polished, it will help to bring your entire look together. For best results, consider having your brows shaped by a professional. Once you have the right look for your brow line and face shape, you can maintain them at home until your next spa session.

While you may need to do a little plucking or tweezing, DIY sparingly. Too much hair removal can make your brows look too sparse for thick glasses or a pair of oversized frames. A variety of brow pencils and gels are available to help shape brows and give them a rich, natural color. For an easy way to keep hairs down and in place, dab your eyebrows with a clean beauty product like a bit of botanical jelly or clear mascara.

  1. Define Your Lashes  

Whether you have blue light glasses for your computer work or stylish reading glasses for magazines and books, your makeup choices can help your eyes to pop behind your frames. Defining your eyelashes will help to enhance your beautiful, natural appearance.

Mascara is the most obvious makeup tool for achieving this goal, which means you have many ways to accent your lashes. Black is the classic color, but you can choose other shades. Brown mascara is a subtle and chic option for people with certain hair and eye colors. It can also help to make certain glasses frames stand out on your face. Experiment with these shades, as well as mascara colors like purple or gray. You can even find mascara in green or navy.

Clear mascara is an excellent option for daytime wear. Match it with your well-defined brows and a dab of cream-based cheek color for a dewy, glowing aesthetic. If you want to go clean and natural, an eyelash curler is another way to get bigger, more bountiful lashes behind your specs. Resist the urge to add dramatic, false lashes, which will clash with your stylish eyewear. Instead, play up the unique look you already have.

  1. Use the Right Eye Makeup

While you’re wearing eyeglasses, you should focus on elevating your authentic look. That’s why it’s important to go easy on the smoky eyeliner and eyeshadow. Glasses frames create shadows around the eye area, making the eyes look darker in some places. A lighter approach to your eye makeup will help you avoid a “raccoon look” so you can appear energized and fresh no matter which frames you’re wearing.

The right makeup will also draw more attention to the beauty of your frames. Shop for subtle yet chic shadow palettes that include inviting shades like honey or caramel. Amber and copper tones will make your eyes look brighter, while eye color in neutrals or pastels can complement your glasses without looking too dark or whimsical.

Whatever color you choose, consider sticking to that shade only. Too many hue combinations and your makeup may appear too “busy.” Instead, keep the color to the surface area of your lids, experimenting with different colors and textures until you find the best ones for your unique frames. If you’re a big fan of eye makeup, some of the best colors and patterns for your look include clear frames and iridescent glasses. Play up neutral shades like gray and wheat, or have a little fun with specs in traditional colors like black or tortoise.

  1. Keep Glasses Clean

Makeup can make glasses look better, but it can also make them dirty. If you’re unable to see without glasses while putting on makeup, you probably don’t want to wear your favorite pair of specs while applying foundation or concealer. These are just some products that include greasy or oily substances that could affect your frames or lenses.

Wearing your current readers or progressives also means that you could damage them. It’s possible to bend or break your eyeglasses while using tools or trying to reach difficult areas. Keeping an old pair of glasses around can make it easier to apply products without ruining your favorite specs. To complete the task, it’s best to have eyewear that matches your current prescription or type of vision correction. However, feel free to use a pair of glasses similar to your new ones if you can still see well while you’re applying.

Most people can’t wait until after adding their makeup to put their glasses on. Even if you wear polarized sunglasses or no-correction blue light glasses, you should still wipe down your specs after you wear them. Clean your frames with a cloth made especially for glasses and leave them in a hard case. You’ll help them to last as long as possible, even if they’re already made from durable material.

Wearing Makeup and Glasses Together

When you choose the right combination of stylish glasses and quality makeup, you can achieve a look that flatters your face and outfit. You’ll also help to give yourself a sense of positivity and confidence. Glasses are an excellent accessory for enhancing your vision and making you look chicer and more polished. A pair of modern reading glasses or stunning blue light glasses will only enhance your blouses and tops.

Once you pick one or more pairs of frames, be sure to buy eyeshadow and mascara that fits the pattern or color. You can even use your makeup to accentuate certain frame shapes or silhouette styles. When it comes to the fashionista, a combination of makeup and eyewear will make you stand out. Use these tips to feel your best whether you’re working hard or socializing!