Basic Eyeliner Application Styles for Beginners

Applying an eyeliner may seem like an easy task. However, making sure it is symmetrical is no mean feat. Congratulations if you can do it perfectly! You are officially an expert at completing your look.

No look is complete without eyeliner. So if you skip on eyeliner, it is about time you learn how to put it on. There are many tutorials online, from the winged eyeliner to the reverse cat eye tutorial. You can master different looks in a few minutes.

How Many Eyeliner Looks Are There?

There are so many looks. You can play around with each one, like wearing a different look every day for more than a month. However, there are a few factors to consider even as you put on your eyeliner.

Factors to Consider

As you put on your liner, consider a few factors first. These will ensure that your makeup looks good and accentuates your eyes. They include:

  • The shape of your eyes.
  • The type of eyeliner.
  • The style of eyeliner.
  • The technique of application.

You are well on your way to becoming an expert. You will also have the perfect finish to your makeup look.

Here are a few styles you can consider and try. You may end up finding the one that suits you best.

The Reverse Cat Eye

The style is minimal and sultry. It gives you an exotic look that is easier to master than the cat-eye. Maybe, it is the reason it is a popular trend. It tips the balance from the top lid to the bottom, creating a dramatic look. It is a good look for hooded eyes, which can be tricky when applying the normal cat-eye.

The Cat-eye

The cat-eye is a trendy look from the 1950s. It creates a dramatic style that channels your inner Cleopatra. The outer corners of your eye look pointy like a cat’s. It relies heavily on eyeliner. It demands some skills to apply without looking messy.

If you are a beginner, start with the pencil liner. You can choose a neutral shade like brown or charcoal gray. They will help you learn and not show smudging as much as inky black. Once you master the cat-eye, you are well on your way to becoming a pro at the rest of the styles.

Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is much easier to apply than cat-eye. You only need to put it on the top lid. In contrast, the cat-eye needs you to fill the bottom half of your eyelid, connecting the top to the bottom in a kind of triangle shape.

The winged eyeliner is also a straight line with a flick at the end. The cat-eye is thicker on the outer corner of the eye and thinner on the inner corner. The tip on the inner corner extends downwards while the outer corner flicks upwards.


These are the basic eyeliner styles. The rest are a playful construct of these three. If you are a beginner, remember to start with the pencil eyeliner until you get a steady hand.