HOODED EYES TIPS: 3 Ways To Master Eyeshadow For Hooded Eyes

eye makeup for hooded eyes

If you wish to try on wing eyeliner, going with a liquid eyeliner is often the best choice for hooded eyes, as the approach is more readily achieved than the formulated application.

Think of classic, thin line looks from the past, popularized by Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, two of Hollywood’s mavens of classical approach to female persuasion.

The thinner look is created through a natural adhesion in the liquid composition, helping the color to pop while keeping a clean line during application.

How do you apply makeup to hooded eyes?

 These classic eye makeup tricks of shadow and eyeliner are not only attractive, but critical as well when applying eye makeup for hooded eyes.

Transitions from direct sunlight to interior lighting have the ability to present differently looks on your makeup application.

For fast and accurate lines, you might want to try a wheel-mounted applicator for precision wings. What’s important is they come in waterproof form so that your wings won’t fade away easily.

Keeping this in mind, when choosing products as well as when you are applying your eye makeup, will make a striking difference that light up your hooded eyes.

Pick products that are clean, liquid-based, and palette that compliment your eye shape and natural coloration, then apply them as determined on your daily routine.

Tips & Tricks for Hooded Eyes

Gloss on the eyelids creates an effect that looks cool. For hot pink, we suggest applying eye primer, then smoothing on a highly pigmented pink powder eyeshadow and finishing with clear gloss.

No matter which gloss you choose, its going to move.  So yeah, applying it a little higher on the lids and avoiding your lashline will give it time to settle on your skin.

Use a waterproof product and if it start to feel messy, run a cotton swab along your lashline to pare it back. The new range of clear gloss makeup is designed to add radiance and make your hooded eyes pop.

Eyeshadow Tutorial

Putting on eyeshadow for hooded eyes may require a heavier application when using pastel colors, while a decrease of thickness is recommended for darker colors.

Though a slight variation of grading between lid and brow is attractive, a person who has hooded eyes can pull off a more striking look with a thinner application to accentuate their individual look.

For example, most Asian women have some degree of hooded eyes, which contradicts much of the fashion magazine advice when it comes to eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Some palettes and shades simply won’t accentuate properly when applied to such droopy eyes. The matte black is our favorite eye makeup for hooded eyes to try.

Shimmery shades are not advisable as they will reveal your hooded eyes prominently compare to those who have not. Matte shades is the palette color that is much suitable for you.

To enhance your hooded eye makeup, apply eyeshadow a little higher than you normally do. Also, do no close your peepers when applying makeup around the eyelid as the hooded segment (skin) will be covered when you open your eyes.

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Easy Eyeshadow For Hooded Eyes

Here’s 3 basic shades of eyeshadow application for hooded eyes.
  • The lightest shade is the highlight shade
  • The medium shade is the mid-tone
  • The darkest shade is the accent

3 easy ways to apply eyeshadow for hooded eyes.

  • Begin at your upper lash line and sweep the shade up and over the full hooded region. Ensure that you sweep it close to the highlighted area and blend well so you do not create a distinctive line between the mid tone shade and highlight shade.
  • You will apply the accent shade similarly with the mid-tone color. Begin at the base of the lash line and sweep the color up and over the hooded part. Also sweep color in towards your nose a little.
  • Be sure to sweep the accent shade underneath the full lower lashline to place emphasis on your eyes. Follow up with lots of mascara and you will have your eye-popping goal.
eye makeup for hooded eyes
Change the shape of your eyes by lining them differently all day long.

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If your hooded eyes are close-set, you need to sweep the accent color outwards, instead of inwards towards your nose. However, if you have different eyebrow shape, it will weight on where you use the highlight color.

The best thing you can do is a sweep test. Having hooded eyes is most likely one of the trickiest eye shapes to have. Remember that as you practice and experiment, you will get better.

One of the most common secrets to eye makeup is to use brushes designed for that objective. You will find blending is so much simpler to achieve rather then if you use sponge-tip applications or fingers.

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Ensure you are applying a best skin care program. A rightly matched foundation applied rightly will do surprises as it evens out your skin tone and makes you look more fabulous.

The above eye makeup for hooded eyes are the ideal choices that make the cut. With practice on coloration and shades, you can achieve that perfect daytime look with ease.

Save or share this article because you will never know a “friend in need” might want some helpful directions on the most appropriate application for hooded eyes.

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