3 Misconceptions On Makeup For Hooded Eyes To Know

makeup for hooded eyes

So, highlighting your makeup for hooded eyes doesn’t really makes any different. Instead, use a medium color shade on your crease just above your eyes and under the brow.

Also, when applying shadow, do not drag it all the way down your upper eyelids.

One of the steps that needs to be kept in mind is it’s not important for your eye makeup to be overly shimmering. Many women think that their eye makeup will only look good if it dazzles and shines.


Being different is what you can do best. It’s most ideal to tone that down. A touch of glittery shadow is unique and pretty enough. The trick to keeping it all modern, is creating depth and mixing colors.

The best way to start any kind of makeup for hooded eyes is by making sure you look natural. Use natural matte eye shadow such as brown, orange, beige and even earthy colors. Natural shades add dimensions to your makeup looks and enhances its beauty as well.

It adds realism to the eyes which makes it look natural other than some artificial makeup looks. At the same time, you must be aware that adding too much dimension can make your eyes look like they are popping out and no one wants to do that.


For individual with hooded eyes, sometimes they fail to notice the length of their eye lashes when they apply mascara. Long and straight eye lashes often makes your eyes look unnatural.

Curling of eyelashes pretty much makes your eyes look lifted and bigger and must be included in your makeup for hooded eyes. Liquid liners don’t get much easier to user than others.

Liquid liners are much easier to use that the others. Dotting on your lash lines will darken and make your peepers more define.

Perhaps, you might want to try false eyelashes which are in trend now for hooded eyes. With a visible brow bone at your crease, it’s best to enhance your eyelids with fluttery and long lashes to make your eyes look bigger.

A lot of celebrities with hooded eyes have distinctive style to make their eyes looks fabulous. That is why a lot of women have even undergone hooded eyes surgery to replicate their favorite celebs.


Dragging the shadow down the crease with a brush is not the way to go, instead brush the shadow above your natural crease and on the lids but do not go down below the tip of your eyes.

If you use dark eye shadow, you need to make sure that your lip color is not as dark. Try to use lighter shades such as nude, baby pink or rose.

This will balance your hooded eye makeup with the rest of your face contouring.

Another mistake people often make with their makeup for hooded eyes is that they use pale colors on their eye lids as the base.

This brightens up the shimmering effect, but it does not add dimension to the eyes and it is not a good combination to begin with.


  • First add on a primer to clean the areas around your eyes. Apply lighter shade of orange, beige or brown gently to your upper eyelids.
  • Use a darker tone of shadow, possibly red or brown and blend it with the other shades.
  • Best way to avoid making mistakes is applying a stripe of tape at the corner of your eyes. This will ensure that your shadow is in line with your eyes and not all over down your cheekbone.
  • Once your eye shadow is applied, use a little shimmer on your eye lids. Always remember, too much of shimmering can eliminate your perfect makeup for hooded eyes.
  • An awesome night time eye makeup ideas is one that blends naturally with your evening wear. The best solution is keeping with a color code from the lightest and gently towards darker colors. Many hooded eyes celebrities can be seen wearing this look such as Blake Lively, Selena Gomez and Malin Akerman.
  • Women often get confused with color palettes to use for night-time events. For brown eyes, it’s best to use autumn colors like yellow, marigold, crimson, scarlet, brown and even haze. You can try colors such as vermilion, turquoise and purple giving it an oceanic tones.
  • The amount of blush you put on your cheeks also makes a different. You should ensure to use shades that matches with either your lip color or your eye shade. Shades such as pink to rose are also useful and it’s sad to see many women not paying much attention to those for gorgeous evening look.
  • Velvety tone lipsticks have become a fast favorite with makeup artists and pros alike. They go on smoothly and stay on comfortably. To give lip more symmetry, use a pencil that’s slightly darker than your lipstick.
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However, regardless of how unique they may be, there are some women who still make mistakes on how to apply the appropriate eye makeup techniques. This might be because they don’t really understand the difference such as hooded eyes, down-turned eyes, upturned eyes and rounded eyes.

Make up for hooded eyes is not as easy as you think. If you fail on your first few attempts, you will eventually get it right…and positively, wake up every morning feeling good about yourself.

In fact, women with this eye-catching condition can look amazing and feeling totally great too. Knowing these common mistakes in hand, makeup for hooded eyes should be an uncomplicated daily routine for women at every age.

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