10 Refreshing Summer Self-Care Tips

This summer, it’s time to do more than just hop in the pool and get your tan on. This is the summer you’re going to make sure to level up your self care game. Not sure where or how to get started? From improving your everyday clean beauty routine to getting in at least 10,000 steps a day, just start with these ten refreshing summer self-care tips to feel good from the inside out.

  1. Start with Skincare— What are you currently using for your clean skincare products? One way to really jumpstart your summer self care routine is to take a look at your daily skincare regimen. Do you have a weekly or biweekly exfoliant you use? Do you have a moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF? If you’re not already exfoliating, brightening, and washing your skin on a daily basis, it’s time to make sure you’re taking care of your skin from the inside out. That includes drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated this summer to get that dewy summer glow.
  2. Get Glamorous— If you aren’t already using clean beauty products, now is the time to start. What do we mean by clean beauty products? That means using beauty products without those nasty synthetic chemicals like parabens or phthalates that can harm your skin. Even certain synthetic fragrances can be skin irritants. When in doubt, take care of your skin this summer by opting for clean beauty instead.
  3. Enjoy the Great Outdoors— Take advantage of the beautiful summer weather by enjoying the great outdoors. If there’s a beach by you that you’ve been meaning to visit or a local park you want to take a hike or bike ride in, this summer is the perfect time to take advantage of nature in your own backyard.

Immersing yourself in nature is a great way to practice self care. In the moments when you’re not plugged into your computer or phone, you can take a moment to enjoy a quiet time surrounded by birds flying through the air or watching the waves go by on the shore.

  1. Clean Up Your Space— Cleaning up your space will not only make your room look better but make you feel better. The very act of cleaning and decluttering is calming for your mind and body. Besides keeping any essential items or documents, get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy for you. That means donating gently used items like clothing you no longer wear or books that you haven’t read in years.
  2. Discover New Music— If you’re still listening to the same old songs, it’s time to surprise yourself with some new music. You can go on YouTube or get a Spotify account to find some new artists. Make a summer playlist to get in the sunny mood for the next few months. You can start a tradition of discovering new music every summer.
  3. Write Down Your Thoughts— As the saying goes, the days are long, but the years are short. Even though it seems like these summer months are quite long, it’ll be fall before you know it. Treasure every moment of every day, even if it’s the mundane things like what you had for breakfast or the nice conversation you had with your neighbor. Writing down your thoughts is a great way to practice self-care and appreciate your day-to-day life.
  4. Eat Healthier Foods— Practicing self-care is about more than doing yoga and getting massages. It’s also about taking care of yourself by eating healthier foods. Getting rid of junk foods or limiting consumption of dairy, red meats, caffeine, and sweets can do wonders for your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Know what else pairs well with eating healthier foods? Drinking plenty of water, regular exercising, and a clean beauty box subscription to feel beautiful all around.

  1. Walk It Out— According to the Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, walking just 10,000 steps a day can promote weight loss, improve sleep, and decrease anxiety and depression. If you’re feeling like you’re in a funk, walking can help you get in your exercise while giving you some time to listen to music, an audiobook, or a podcast.
  2. Mix Up Your Workout Routine— Let’s say you’re a big yogi or you go to SoulCycle on the regular. Why not mix up your workout routine this summer? Surprise yourself with a new workout class, and you might find you like barre or CrossFit. If you’re a runner, slow down the pace and try jogging or power walking to take in the beautiful summer views.
  3. Put the Tech Away — We all need a tech detox from time to time. When you’re busy living your life, you’ll find that there are so many reasons to limit your time on social media or reading article after article of bad news. Allow yourself to take a break from your phone for at least thirty minutes a day. Limit screen time before you go to bed and try reading a book or listening to music instead.